Just found this website…is it fiction?
James Clarke on £100,000 a year??

Check out the link to Salford City !! :crazy_face:

And Tranmere…

Shrewsbury have a wage bill of double ours according to that. :astonished:

I reckon that wouldn’t be far wrong to be honest.

There is only Morecambe, Macclesfield Crawley and Cheltenham lower than that in our division. If anywhere near true, it shows how far we have fallen in relation to other comparable teams (Port Vale, Salop, even Crewe).

So what has happened to the Salary Cap regulations for this season ?

I think it’s last season looking at the teams. Cook is listed at tranmere and pring is on our list

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The whole thing looks like speculative BS to me.


Interesting that DC’s favourite son (not) Jules, was on a pittance.

How do these poor ■■■■■■■ survive earning that for kicking a ball around a field.

Considering the amount of people struggling, its about time industries like football were shook up from the very top to the very bottom to bring it into line with the current reality.


Minimum wage? for doing something that most of us have dreamed about as young boys :grin: :wink:


I think so yeh :joy:

We are having this ‘new reality’ shoved down our throats, so why are Man Utd still able to offer 300k a week for a bloke that kicks a ball round a field?

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Looks like rubbish to me. Jules on £300? I checked Villa, Grealish on 35 grand, Heaton and Lansbury on more? Can’t see it myself.


It’s a bloody Russian fake news site :wink:

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Jules is Better off getting a Job in the Asda with plenty of overtime if that’s true :smile:

He just doesn’t know it yet? :grinning:

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Wes and Holden will probably be among the high earners with the new deals they signed in last 6 months now.

Have to say Sadler at 1.9k looks a bit steep considering he dosen’t really played much anymore unless part of that is his coaching salary.

So almost exactly a third of our players salaries is spent on Rent.

Our two top earners:
Bonser £8.6k pw
Guthrie £2.4k pw

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Saddler 98k, Sinclair 83k , Clarke 100k :joy::joy::joy: complete waste of money!!!

I doubt Guthrie is on half of that this year, especially when signing mid pandemic.

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