DC loves to have a dig about our resources being way off the top 7. Guthrie, Sinclair, Sadler, James Clarke, Lavery are probably taking up most of our wage budget. Are any of them vital to us??

Nope, you could literally get rid of all of them and it wouldn’t effect our league position.

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I wouldn’t have thought Guthrie and Sadler were high earners. They are at the very end of their careers and doubt either need this current contract. The others would probably be amongst the highest earners though.

Although Sinclair is supposed to a great character within the group, his contribution on the pitch this season has been disappointing.

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Clarke, Sinclair and Lavery are just crap.

Sadler does a job as a senior pro/coach.

Guthrie is a waste of money imo and always has been. Yes there’s ability but most of the time he seems to be injured or recovering from injury.


Whatever budget you get, in any walk of life, the key is how you use it. I’m fed up of DC dropping in ‘finances’ in interviews. We are in League 2 for Christ sake! Wasting money on 4/5 ‘senior’ players that bring hardly anything, is a poor use of funds for me.


Same name same thoughts couldn’t agree more.:+1:t2:

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We were all cheering DC on when he was signing those players so we can’t just throw them out when their form drops off.

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Have any of them ever hit form Sid?

Of the ones mentioned above by @kshammer no not that I’ve seen Clarke poor Sinclair non existent Lavery very poor and Sadler meh does a job is the best I can say about him.

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Rose has done well Norman has improved Nurse is good Kinsella good player Gordon good player Adebayo’s scored exactly the same goals this season as the prolific league 2 striker that is Eoin Doyle which to me is good in this team if I’ve missed any my apologies

After the tossers in the relegation season, anything ‘fresh’ was positive. Not one of the ‘experienced’ lads have been regularly close to their supposed quality. Throw in Liddle, the older/better paid players, have been rubbish. DC’s recruitment of Wes, Holden etc has been good, but the experienced players have to be the core of the first 11.

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That’s not the point chunks,if people complain about the player when he is signed,that’s fair enough,but if people only complain about signyhim when he has a bad run of form I think it’s out of order. By all means moan about his form but not about signing him when they welcomed his signing.


I thought all six senior pros DC has signed - Guthrie, Lavery, Sinclair, Clarke, Sadler and Liddle - looked like decent signings at the time. 18 months in, I think it’s fair to say none of them have really justified the optimism I felt about having them in our squad. Only Clarke gets a regular starting position, Liddle is in non-league now, and the rest are bit players at best. The lack of senior pros in our starting eleven is part of what makes us so fragile.

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That makes shocking reading

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Can’t believe how low Holdens wage is

So Nolan is on more than Wes ??? I don’t think so

Is it true though are they allowed to print that

Why on Earth are we paying Sadler 100k a year ffs!

My question would be why is Eli still here on £36,000?

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