Walsall article in Daily Mail

Wondered if anyone else had read this piece in the Daily Mail today? Quite an accurate assessment of where we are and why. Even our No.1 fan gets a mention. Looks like it’s common knowledge that we have a mountain to climb at the moment. Bodes well for us being an attractive club for any new recruits in January, not!!!


Have you checked the date ?

Are you referring.to the fact that it was on the Daily Mail.website late last night, or the fact that it was in this morning"s printed paper?

Just referring to the fact I wouldn’t believe the date if it was printed in the Daily Mail :full_moon_with_face:


Actually it is a good article when you consider where it is published. Oxford did look like a Championship team and we looked …well we looked very, very limited with only the goalie and the 2 centre backs looking up to the standard required.
As I said elsewhere even I ,an optimist,am getting fed up with this. I know the players are not the best but if we played to a system and stuck to it week by week we would not be in the bottom 6. We probably would not be much higher as we lack both ability and physicality to compete with best in this league which is very poor.


we are a poor side cobbled together on an awful budget is how it looks to me lets hope the purse strings are loosened in january or we could be fighting relegation all season with the current squad.

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I cant believe that you are suggesting that the Daily Mail is not a credible tabloid🤔

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Why do people keep referencing the budget , it’s common knowledge that it is at least average for this level and DC knew exactly what it was when he came , also as I’ve said before do you think Marcus Stewart ,Maik Taylor, DC.
Sinclair, J Clarke, Lavery, Guthrie,etc are on any less than the people they have replaced ,no chance !

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If anyone was still wondering why there is such a lack of atmosphere:

“There’s a sunless, stone-cold feel about this place, though. Walsall is colder than Warsaw and past glories can’t obscure the straits they’re in, third bottom of the Football League.”

I felt depressed before I read that article, but now…

Walsall’s budget is in the top eight in League One (according to a reliable source within the club who must remain anonymous).

League 1 ?

League 1?

My mistake - League Two :grinning:

Did they say ‘national’ sotto voce before they said League Two?

Don’t worry about it mate I posted that us and Oxford we’re in the same league after we lost to them in the FA Cup…Doh!