Walsall Bag Lady eleven

Having picked a team of those who played for the Dingles and then us, I’ve done the same for the Baggies. As before, they don’t have to have moved directly, but they were Baggies BEFORE they were Saddlers and I’m not claiming it is the best possible team, just everyone in the correct positions, playing a recognisable formation 433. Multiple choices for many of the places again I think.

Tony Godden

David Arthur Stan Jones Paul Downing Derek Staham

John Loveridge Darren Bradley Gary Childs

Kenny Stephens Nicky Cross Ally Brown

I’d probably agree except I’d have the much underrated Darren Rogers at right back, Adam Chambers instead of Bradley and if the rules allow, Sawyers in for Stephens creating a slight tweak in formation.

Jimmy Dudley to protect the back 4
Ken Hodgkinson to create going forwards

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Darren Rogers is the one I always forget played for the Baggies, I always think of him as ex-Blues only.
I think he mostly played left back but did he play a few games at right back when Wayne Evans was injured?
Like I said I wasn’t trying to pick a best team, otherwise David Arthur would have got nowhere near. :smile: James Chambers and an ageing Doug Fraser are two who could get in before him as a right back. .

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Think Stan Jones was a Saddler before going to the Baggies. A shout also for Gerry Summers for us old ones

Don goodman would surely have to be in there aswell

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Joe Murphy

James Chambers
Matt Carbon
Paul Downing
Darren Rogers

Sam Mantom
Adam Chambers
Darren Bradley

Romaine Sawyers
Nicky Cross
Don Goodman


Yep, and then came back after a few years.

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Good shout there

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I picked him for my Wolves team so even Super Don can’t be in two places at once. :smile:


I would have Stuart Naylor in goal by default, as I am sure he was on trial with us and played in a friendly

Alan Buckley as manager

Don Goodman will always have a place in my heart for Cardiff.
He made his way to us all in the cheap seats after the game, wearing a wig and crawling with the other lot in tow as a train, and nicked my flag.


And thanks. I am now watching it on YouTube AGAIN.

Matt carbon surely gotta be ahead of back away from the striker Paul downing

Kevin Summerfield should get a mention here.


John Osborne played a couple of games when we used 7 keepers in 1 season

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When I was at Chuckery juniors he came and did a talk in assembly. I recall he had his arm in a sling or plaster cast at the time. About 1972/73.

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Downing for me, with Matt Carbon in reserve in his usual position on the treatment table.


I remember us signing Stuart Naylor. I think, but am happy to be corrected by someone with a keener memory, that it was for the later stages of 98-99, as experienced cover for Jimmy. I’m not sure who our reserve keeper had been - Danny Naisbitt perhaps?

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