Walsall born XI

Can we raise a team that played for , and born in Walsall?

I’ll kick it off with Summerfield and Trevor Foster.

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Dean Keates obviously.

Richard Taundry

Kenny Mower

Paul Jones

Alan Clark Shortheath and Brian caswell ? i think parts of Wednesbury come under Walsall?

Colin Harrison and Lee Sinnott, both Pelsall.

Netan Sansara, Darlaston

Goscote lad Martin O’Connor.

Another one, only made 1 app though…Karl Hawley.

Liam Roberts

Mark Taylor

Reserve keeper, Keith Ball. Not a bad side there, especially with Allan Clarke upfront.

Play football with him still now for the old boys team, and Brian Palgrave and a few others.

Bloody hell there must be some old boys in that team!!

Some not so old, Geddes, Bowerman, then Taylor, Palgrave, Rob Kelly, Richard Brown, Colin Harrison has played before, Mick Evans, and some others on occasion

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Peter Till

Bet they can still play abit as well,

Chris Thompson. Sad story.

Yeah, there’s no running involved either, they kill you with the ball.

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