Walsall Fans Have Your Say Meltdown

I see WFHYS has been closed down tonight (archived is the official term).

The admin put a post at half time saying to sack Clarke(after slagging off every call to sack Clarke all sesson) and he’s had a meltdown and deleted all posts and threads that pointed that fact out.



Did anybody ever take WFHYS seriously? I always thought that it was a bit of comic relief! :grinning:


I’ve just been added to a seemingly normal WFHYS 2.0 :joy:


I have never been on the site, just in case Simon finds out and gets a cob on.


uTs iS da B3st, bItcHes.


I got banned by the muppet in the Keates season for disagreeing with him after a match.

He continuously posts his thoughts that seem to change like the wind and contradict himself. It was asking to make himself look a fool.


He was deleting Clarke out threads a few weeks ago. Today makes a Clarke out post of his own, deletes it when people mention it and then bans people who comment about the deletion.

“Walsall Fans Only Have Your Say If It Agrees With The Admin At That Point In Time”


Joke page some decent people on there but far too many nutters.

there is another fan page Saddlers talk seems more sensible and not run by idiots.

I prefer the Walsallian Popular Front.

Kents out sill up Bontar whats Martian doing now?


Very wise :smile:

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I’d say majority of the people on that site are just armchair fans who haven’t stepped foot in the stadium

…and regular fans trolling them.

“It’s free!”

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Who runs the site?
I’m not on FB but occasionally peer into that group for a laugh!

A lot of armchair fans out there :wink:

:grin: yeah all of us at the moment.

Its actually alright tbh… some nutters… they come out whenever BLM is mentioned.

It did start to get a bit naff. Too many adverts.