I think he’s got the Kipper’s arm band as well …

Roll on next Sunday!

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…I remember when he started at grassroot level…

I think I heard him sing the final line of the Genesis song ‘I Know What I Like’. Or was it called I mow what I like?

Walsall Legends squad confirmed, hope to see as many of you as possible there Sunday!


“Legends” might be stretching it a bit with some of the names on there :wink:

Some of them perhaps :joy:

Mower’s a legend , he’s got a statue in Walsall.


When Martin or Steve score a goal, do you tbink they shout “Get in!!” :grin::wink:

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I know it’s a n old one but as sir Cliff sang.
Its so funny how we don’t talk kenny mower.

Was it a good occasion? Did Jorge come on pitch at half-time on Saturday?

Went up to Rushall yesterday as I live within walking distance and my son in law was playing for the supporters and scored the second goal, nice finish in the top corner. It was a decent game, but the legends were far too strong, running out winners by 15-3 or 16-3, lost track after the 14th went in.

Jorge scored four and still looks the same, apart from a few grey hairs, Byfield also grabbed four and was excellent, full of pacey running, I think Keatsey got three and also played really well, Wracky a couple, Mark Taylor got one, can’t remember the other scorers.

It was nice to see some of the players back together again from the Graydon and Colin Lee years.


Saw a pic of Roper earlier. Looks in better shape than he did here. :grin:

i think he’s been having pizza deliveries at a special price from someone in the know …

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Me and the man himself. Both been on the pizza’s I think :joy:


You definitely got the better of him once or twice!

He never clattered me so that’s a massive plus point! Keates and Wracky were roasting him :grinning:

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I love how the only picture of me is me being outpaced by 52 year old Brian Palgrave. :expressionless:

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He’s a good player though tbh

Certainly is, as they all were. Well, when not being crippled some of them. :grimacing: