Walsall FC Christmas Jumper

Just seen an announcement on Twitter that the club is selling WFC themed Christmas jumpers.

The Tweet doesn’t have a picture of them though… just a picture of the outside of the club shop. :thinking:

There’s a link in the Tweet so I click on that thinking it will link to the online store with pics… No, it goes to a story on the official website saying they’re selling them with the same picture of the outside of the club shop. :thinking:

It says they’re available in adult and kids sizes and tells us the prices and says they’re available in the shop and the online store. No link to the actual product though. :thinking:

There’s another link in the story for “pre order only” referring to the kids ones as apparently they’re not available till another weeks time.
So I click that link… goes to the online shop… but just the generic front page. Nothing to do with the Christmas jumpers so still don’t know where they are. I go to the menu and click on “New Arrivals” to find that they’re are 4 pages (84 items). The Christmas jumper is on the last page with about 80 items ahead of it… which don’t even look like new items… some of them are kits FFS! :roll_eyes::thinking:

A great idea but once again shows the ■■■■ poor execution.

If anyone’s interested, here’s the link:


That’s awful :joy::joy::joy:

Not the best Xmas jumper is it… Can’t see too many being sold. Then again I bet they only have 10 in stock :joy:


Its less a christmas jumper, more a jumper with a christmas logo on it… if you know what I mean.

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Christ. :rofl:

It says 3 in stock. :wink:

Looks a bit cack. Even the sheep botherers have done a better job, though they clearly took the promotional photo on a mobile phone.


Now that WOULD make a better xmas jumper :rofl:


2 x size 9x and one for a baby dwarf.

A similar retro design to that is what I was expecting too.

I’m starting to wonder if I’ve given them too much credit for coming up with the idea given ours has the Errea logo on it so is probably a generic one they do for all the clubs using their kit. :thinking:

Now come on…don’t dismiss it that quickly,someone has spent several minutes designing that…:astonished:

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Two words…the second is OFF.

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Half arsed awful effort

Sounds more like the half-term report on the “new regime”.


I shan’t be adding to my chunky jumper collection.

vile seen better on blocko market for 8 quid:rofl:

We are a bit of a joke now, who the ■■■■ signed that off … You would have had a better design if you had run a design competition at the local primary schools


‘Why is the casual gear in here so awful?’ I once asked the lady in the club shop. ‘Its what Walsall people want’ was her reply.

I think it’s a lovely design the nursery kids who designed it should be very proud of themselves.

I wouldn’t buy either,but the Shrewsbury one is slightly less hideous.