Walsall fc & Lent

Our club is obviously religious because it is usual to give up something for Lent. We have totally given up winning THREE points because Lent started on February 17th and ends on April 3rd.
Our last win was at Vale Park on 23rd January, so, if this Lenten observance holds true, we have to wait until Leyton Orient on Easter Monday.
What are the odds?

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Thought the title of this thread was a typo for a minute… thought it was Walsall FC and Rent. :money_mouth_face:


Lent has always been with us.
It’s a question of who has lent us the money now that Boner has stopped doing his own lent sacrifice.

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More to do with 2 of the better players being sold on 31st January than any religious mumbo jumbo

Easter is not going to come to our salvation…nothing will change till after the end of the season to change the squad and manager, although that is not quite a cast iron certainty

Gonna be a nervous few months until then

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Bonser has been outed as Fu Manchu.

The world shall hear from me again?

Please, no!

We have also given up shooting, attacking and passing to players in the same colour shirt, bit unreasonable to expect the team and management to do any more for lent

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What a difference a day (well, a week) makes :laughing:

Lent is over!

Having lent The Banks’ to Villa ladies I see their match on May 2nd is at Villa Park. Have they not paid their rent or is this the first act of the new DoF?