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Walsall FC - My View - The Response to the letter


■■■■ me a few chants of Mole/Gamble out aren’t exactly going to derail anything :face_with_raised_eyebrow: … Bonser isn’t in charge of the ■■■■ poor match day experiences and that’s literally part of the reason we’re protesting, difference is Mole and Gamble will hear/see it. They’re all culpable. It really isn’t that complicated.


Juggle too many balls? It really isn’t that complex.


It’s going to kick off tomorrow if we go one or two down.

Shouldn’t be results orientated really, but I can feel the discontent brewing.


Issues have been raised which literally fall at their feet so I don’t get this “focus on Bonser” rubbish.


And I don’t think it helps when you refer other peoples contributions to the debate as “RUBBISH”. I thought that this thread was a way of getting ideas as diverse as possible from people on UTS so we can take all comments on board and find a way forward.


Depends what the protests are aimed at.
If it’s just the pension fund/ownership/exit plan issue then that’s Bonser.

If it includes the state of everything from ticket prices to the ■■■■■■ service and facilities then that’s the whole club including Mole & Gamble!


I think it’s rubbish though :joy: That’s my opinion. You’re entitled to think what I’m saying now is rubbish. I ain’t going to cry about it. Just like if I thought an idea was rubbish I’d say. Focus on the issues, not me. I ain’t the one forcing people wade through ■■■■ or not eat on a matchday. Just because somethings “rubbish” to me doesn’t mean the majority think the same and Im happy to go with the majority. I just don’t understand how aiming frustrations at all 3 complicates things so much considering a lot of the issues fall at their feet!! Why should they get away with it so easily.


It’s a no lose in a way. I don’t blame the team/Keates for any of this. The lack of quality in the team is just a symptom of the wider issue.

If we win we win and the plans continue.

If we lose then the cause will gain a few more voices.

I’d never wish us to lose, and I hope we win. But if we do go down early on it might just be the spark that is needed.


As I said SS,if Bonser goes,it’s a house of cards,everyone will go, and everything will change. Hopefully for the best,but it will all definitely change.


Again I disagree, Mole and Gamble will just be sycophants of the next owner and lap up their ■■■■■ because they’re yes men. The brunt of it should be aimed and Bonser but Gamble and Mole also need to feel the force of what’s coming.


I don’t mind you disagreeing SS,as long as you don’t rubbish my comments…:grinning:


What a load of rubbish! I don’t rubbish comments! :grin:


I don’t even know where to start on this, but I’ll have a go.
The fob off is well and truly alive and kicking at WFC The Venue, they even have a dedicated fob off Officer.
Hopefully this will save fhe CEO the trouble of cutting and pasting replies.

Devoting a whole paragraph to how they’ve managed to improve the toilets to comply with the most basic of H&S regulations is mindblowing. It’s the law, it’s not an achievement !!

Apologies to whoever cut and pasted it before, but our permutations of ticket prices run to pages, 64 permutations I am informed above. It’s no wonder the casual fan can go and watch better football, cheaper with less fuss. There’s no discenable advantage to pre-booking and the queues are massive, despite having the same number of fans turn up evey week, as the club have demonstrated themselves.

‘Player Budget’ in quotation marks says it all.

Isn’t it an EFL regulation to produce a match day programme?

The Catering Manager paragraph completely disregards that the years of shambolic attempts that have preceded this. You can bet that if a represetntative of the FA had to step out ‘The Venue’, we’d never get another international game again. Oakwell is as far away from the Nou Camp, as we are from Oakwell !
If they can’t run it themselves, subcontract it out. I bet the Sunday market has a van or trailer selling snacks.

For the club to think that their standards are acceptable, including this reply, are appalling. It’s no wonder this is the 193rd post in this topic. Amateur clubs have far better facilities and are taking our fans; they have been for years. And I’ve not even mentiioned the rent !!


I agree with El_n - although I’m not sure it’s that easy to clearly disconnect the 2 but the team needs to be as insulated as possible in this stuff.

JB has to be the primary focus in my opinion but if people feel they want to give some stick to the others then that’s their choice I guess - as long as the focus doesn’t move FROM JB to the others then it shouldn’t be a big problem

What does bother me a bit is the risk of personal spats emerging on here between posters - we’ll be much more effective all being as aligned as possible without the petty disagreements (IMO!)


If people disagree with each other that’s fine, everyone can have their own opinion, but once we have the protests starting properly we all need to get behind it.


Fully agree as stated here. Nothing will derail these protests. Change needs to happen.


Take a leaf out of Newcastle’s book. A few years ago there were disjointed protests. Against Ashley, then Pardew, Carver, Mclaren, all sorts of things were suggested and fell flat, and nobody got behind anything while Ashley laughed his nuts off, along with the London based media.

Then when Rafa Benitez came along there was an incredible focus, and “oneness” in respect of support for him and the players whilst still railing against Ashley. That despite the fact the club got relegated under Benitez. That theme has continued, and to a man the local media up here get it and support it. How that’s manifest on a match-day is interesting. there are always protests outside the ground, and often even outside Sports Direct in the town, but once inside the ground its 100% support for the team and the manager save for the odd chant against Ashley. This has been compounded by the Leazes and Gallowgate flag campaigns whereby funds raised by fans groups has been used to purchase (in some cases huge) flags which clearly support the club and manager, but at the same time subtly deride the owner and his policies. They are displayed as the teams come out and line up and really get the atmosphere cranked up.

For example there was one in Spanish last season that translated “We will follow you everywhere, we’ll always have your back. In spite of the lies they tell us, we’ll never doubt you. We are with you”

Another game there were black and white flags with two words written with one word struck though with a red cross, can’t remember them all but there was “Lazy/Fight”, “Greed/Desire”, “Crisis/United”. Another day there was a massive one, something like “don’t give up on your club, he is only one man, one day we will have our club back”.

The effect on a match-day is very positive, while at the same time getting the anti-Ashley sentiment across. Given that Deano is a Walsall legend and clearly struggling with his paltry budget, and the board/executive’s couldn’t give a toss attitude, maybe a similar sentiment could be engendered at Bescot? Certainly easy to get behind it because of the positive element, unlike most things to do with Walsall fans and protest, which traditionally seems like herding cats.


Just to add, I think for any protest to work it would be cheap, visual, supportive of the team and conducive to adding to the atmosphere. Remember flat cap day at Charlton? that got the media attention. Hit on something like that and make it fun rather than just anti-Bonser/hate Bonser, which would just make the atmosphere toxic.

Simple stuff might actually hit home with folks who have little knowledge of the history of what happened, and how its impacted…“Walsall FC paid £5.75 Million to build Bescot Stadium, then over £10 million and counting to rent it”.


The reply is laughable, but expected. The closing statement summed it all up and proverbially kicked us fans of ‘our’ club in the balls or other bits!

I remembered the Price of Football piece that someone here i believe requested and it’s an interesting read if you haven’t seen it before.



Good stuff there…