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Walsall FC The Birmingham Venue ladies and gents…


You should be grateful it has taps.


Better than a bucket tho eh?

We are treated like what he thinks we are…

I’m embarrassed to say it but we must surely be amongst some of the most disrespected fans in the league by any clubs owners…


Which bogs were these Rob?


They’re on the left hand side of the middle / upper.


Thanks Steve,
The ones I normally use then. The same ones that commercial clients use at an event in The Stadium Suite.
As football fans, we probably do put up with lower standards than we might elsewhere, but if you were hiring the venue for a conference or attending a show, would you be happy with that?

I couldn’t believe it when they put up those nasty plastic strips a few years ago - germ magnets.


There are toilets to the left of one of the bars in the Stadium Suite that I suspect are used by commercial clients not the ones photographed.


You may be right as the ones the other side of the same stand seem tidier and don’t have the jet wash power taps that spray water everywhere.

I saw on Twitter someone said they heard a steward referring to a leak in “the market toilets”. Wonder if they’ve got ones the use for the venue events and the other one is the market one so they’re not bothered fixing things in there!


Are they in better nick?
If that’s the case it’s an even bigger insult to the football fans.


Yeah they’re much better. Not sure if they are open on match day. They were open for the 98/99 Reunion a few weeks ago.


We always go in the Upper from the Family stand side so use those toilets.

But the last evening kickoff game the turnstiles that end we’re closed so we went in the stand from the Bonser Suite end which meant using the toilets that end instead. They are definitely better and open on matchday.


Quality venue


Saddla I really do not understand anything in that post, sorry but it does not seem to make sense to me, you appear to have things the wrong way round. Maybe you could explain further to help me understand.

In any case who is to say what the true market rent is for Banks’s Stadium?

If WFC were to move to another ground would there be anybody else willing to pay £400,000 a year to use Banks’s stadium? It is not like a shop on the high street where it is possible to find another tenant when a long established tenant moves. Even in busy high streets it is common practice now for shops that are struggling to ask their landlord for a rent “holiday” or a big reduction, and generally the landlord has to comply or be left with a vacant shop - so the definition of what is a “market rent” can be really just what the tenant is prepared to pay. If WFC said it could only afford £50,000 the pension fund would be left with a choice of either evicting the club, and having a white elephant stadium, or accepting it - at least that is what could be said to HMRC in the unlikely event of them querying the rent reduction.


Completely right. And all down to the highly unusual, if not unique, situation where tenant and landlord are in reality the same person. This totally distorts the whole notion of what is the true value of the land, rental value etc.
I am sure we all underestimate the dilemmas that these conflicts of interest cause Jeff.


E&S it…


Sending tomorrow


There are strict rules regarding taking money out of a SIPP. The rules are enforced by HMRC in accordance with their manual.
As I quoted above “A sponsoring employer or member of a scheme could rent a property owned by the pension scheme but would have to pay the commercial rent due on the property. Failure to pay the commercial amount of rent for the property would lead to an unauthorised payment tax charge on an amount equivalent to the shortfall.” Unauthorised payments such as this are charged 40% tax.
You have to remember that the rent is charged for the football club, the conference facilities, the Venue and the Sunday Market facility all owned by Walsall f.c. Ltd. It would be difficult to argue that a commercial rent is considerably less than that which has been charged for a number of years.
The amounts inside the pension pot are exempt from tax when paid in. It doesn’t matter whether they are paid in by the pension beneficiaries as contributions or are profits earned by the investment of the funds. They are all exempt from tax and when the beneficiaries pay in they don’t pay tax on the part of their income which is paid into the fund.
That is why HMRC get uptight when money is taken out because it then becomes taxable.(except for certain permitted draw downs for example when you retire).
As my former pensions advisor used to remind me often. Money invested in a pension is not tax free, it is merely tax deferred.
Is that any clearer Bernie?


Made me laugh today how many different people were checking the toilets. They looked rushed off their feet when in any other business it’d be a very simple requirement to check the toilets every now and again. Very funny, hopefully they keep it up but I have my doubts.

For any WFC staff reading… I understand this was a first for your staff to do what any real well run business does by keeping an eye on things such as customer toilets but it WILL get easier once you all get into the routine👍