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Walsall FC - My View - The Response to the letter


These are at end of the stand nearest to the family stand. The toilets at the other end (next to Bonser Suite) seem to be in much better nick.


For any WFC staff member reading…




Brilliant @RobHarv3y well done you


excellent well done Rob.


Bloody marvellous Rob - can’t wait for the reply!

Thanks again for taking this on…


Great response and love the change of tone to the email. I have a feeling you won’t get a reply to this one.


Good reply and a change of tone to match theirs which they will hate.


Brilliant stuff Rob :clap:

I’ll look forward to seeing Gambles cut and paste letter from his last reply.


Very good well done.
Let the protests begin

Let’s try and cut out the cancer.


Well done @RobHarv3y if they respond then great if they neglect it even better :wink:


That’s a good point Chunkster - wish I’d thought of it! :+1:


Not sure the change in tone sits right with me, and I would certainly have left out the North Korea comment. I hope something good comes of it but I fear you’ve played into the Club’s hands and made it too easy to dismiss as a personal vendetta.


If they neglect it then maybe we should all chase it up, demanding a reply to Robs points. Puts pressure on then.

Maybe set another deadline for a reply and if they don’t, then we start pushing them for answers as en masse.


I respect your opinion Quantum but if the club believe this is one persons personal vendetta then they would be guilty of making a gross misjudgement of the current position.

I feel things are different now and this current upswell of genuine concern and feeling has got more folk motivated to speak out and seek to force change - will it happen and will we be successful in getting at least some of what we feel is fair? who knows.


Maybe, but the point stands. I’ve written it with the same bullish tone they sent back to me. It’s a letter, reply or not that’s not a problem.


I see reference to North Korea as a little sign, how difficult is to contact owner to get any information, what are his plans for the next few years. Little bit more detailed than return to Championship. I don’t see it as personal vendetta and I don’t know how someone could see it as one.


I didn’t say that the North Korea comment equated to a personal vendetta, just that I’d have left it out.

What does make it read like a personal vendetta is the choice to refer to Gamble as ‘you’ rather than ‘the Club’. I know the letter is to an individual, but the individual is responding in their capacity as representative of the Club and it’s with the Club we have issues. It’s a minor but crucial difference which influences the whole tone of the text.

Don’t shoot the messenger by the way - this is only the rhetoric they will use because it’s now been given to them.


playing devils advocate @Quantum ? :wink:


I think the tone is spot on, Rob.

I took my son to the Bristol Rovers game - his first visit for a good while due to being away at Uni - and he’s got out of the habit now. I was hoping he’d enjoy the experience and rekindle his enthusiasm. But what did we get?

A poor performance but that’s nothing new - how many of those do we see over the years? But arriving to see the turnstiles shut, people being kept waiting to get into the ground for ages with no explanation, never mind an apology, then when we did enter the stadium no chance of a pre-match drink as the Bescot Bar was closed. A small thing maybe, but it really annoyed me - a sign on the door saying simply ‘bar closed’ - not ‘sorry bar closed’ or ‘bar closed due to flooding - sorry for the inconvenience’. Speaks volumes about the contempt in which the club holds its supporters - from the owner downwards - right down to the kids that run the bar!

When I get times when it feels like I can’t take anymore I sometimes go and watch my local non-league team, Halesowen Town. They’re in a poor state at the moment as far as results and performances on the pitch go - much worse than us - off the field it’s another story altogether. Owners/board who chat with the fans on the terraces and who have a pint with you in the nicely appointed bar with decent beer on tap and who work with a working party of fans to keep the ground spick and span.

I haven’t defected completely yet but god knows I’m tempted. Walsall have been my club since I saw the Buck and Bernie the Bolt scare Man U half to death in the FA cup in January 1975 but I really don’t feel much like attending at the moment.