Walsall FC - My View - The Response to the letter


Well done Rob. The tone mirrors theirs and yes it has become us & them.

Should we all start writing letters? Or shall I stick to social media.


Your story seems reflective of so many people I’ve spoken to recently…it’s sad. I’ve started to do more non-League games now amongst others. I had travelled home and away to every game this season in the league and FA Cup (apart from Fleetwood because I took my Dad to the rugby), and for what?

Charlton was the first game I didn’t bother with this season, and it certainly won’t be the last. Don’t think I will be doing Plymouth and I won’t be doing Gillingham (going to watch Undy Athletic at 3pm and the Welsh League Cup Final at 7:30pm). Even doing Hearts vs St. Johnstone if things go to plan on 26th when we have a free week anyway, thanks to our calamitous performance at Bolton :flushed::joy:


As long as things are legal and above board, crack on.


Letter is send to a person, so it’s not to club directly, but to one person, who represents the club. So words your, you are ok I would say. That’s not official correspondence, but letter of concerned supporter, representing group of concerned supporters, to a CE of beloved football club (marketing manager can not know all answers). And because there is wide spectrum of problems bothering fans, according to this page link that’s the best possible person to receive such letter and later reply to it to calm down supporters and show, there is no need to be concerned.


Fair enough. I hope it works because I’m in full support of the complaints themselves.


Brilliant @RobHarv3y they can’t brush this under the carpet , not this time

How long are you going to wait for the response , when’s their deadline ?


I don’t think it matters really, response or not. They know what the problems are. They’re not going to go away, and hopefully neither will we.


I know i live far away, but I also have a lot of hope, such letters will change something. At least communication will reach new heights of mutual understanding. Nah, I’m kidding. At least there will be some more concrete answers leading to some plans and actions.


Surprised people are disappointed at the tone. Gamble’s response was poor and the tone was unprofessional. Have you heard the way they talk down to us at fans focus meetings too? About time we stopped messing about trying to be nice whilst they pretend to respect us whilst feeding us lies to our faces to take the pressure off.


huge problem for me that people are getting a better matchday experience at local non league clubs.i know its right as well as ive recently been to Rushall and Hednesford who are two clubs close to my heart after Walsall as i played for Rushall and my son now plays for Hednesfords youth team so i follow non league football also.this should not be the case though these are semi pro clubs and they are doing things better than us?something is seriously wrong at our club they either dont give a toss or they are so blinkered they cannot see it.worrying.


For me its too nice! I am worried that if I end up at one of these fan meets with the club I may go off on a bit of a rant if I get started on the ticket process and prices!


This whole situation makes me want to cry :joy: it’s such a shame what’s happening :frowning:


Top job Rob. The tone is perfect. I bet you don’t get a response because you’ve called out their auto answer facade.


If they don’t respond we should all ■■■■■■■ send one.


Stefan dropped the tone in the first one with sarcy replies like “I don’t see what more we can do”. Basically implying we are thick.


WFC would be a cracking opportunity for a Mary Portas style tv business makeover programme.


Brilliant stuff Rob.

Odd line I wouldn’t have put in like North Korea (can see Gamble/Mole rolling their eyes at that and making an issue of it in the reply) but all the important stuff excellently put like ridiculous Cat A ticket prices, vision for club, exit strategy which we all want to see at least some attempt of a serious answer from the hierarchy.

Can do no more at this point. I await the next reply/fobbing off with great interest.


Maybe it could have been put in a nicer way, but the meaning behind it stands, and all they do is fob us off and treat us like we are thick, so they deserve a bit of directness.

I won’t hold my breath for any response


Read in the monthly working party meeting minutes that the flooded toilets on Boxing Day was caused by a leak on Christmas Eve, with too short notice to ge it fixed.

Aren’t we sponsored by Homeserve, but can’t get an emergency plumber when we need one?

Add to that, we are also sponsored by a brewery, but can’t get a decent pint of ale that’s not chilled to death.
Also sponsored by a local University but do nothing to encourage the students to attend because it’s too difficult to police!!


Well done Rob