Walsall FC - My View - The Response to the letter


Exactly this. The experience we offer is neither one thing or another. We charge prices comparable, and often more, than three of our neighbours who are in the Championship whilst another neighbour resides in the PL. They have better grounds, better football, better facilities far bigger crowds and therefore far better atmospheres. For youngsters there would definitely create something of a big match buzz that they could latch on to.

At the other end for folks wanting a more traditional approach we have non-League neighbours where you have far greater affordability, flexibility of vantage point, you can have a pint AND watch the match, you can stand, people (including board members) will genuinely welcome you and chat with you.

We’re lost in the middle somewhere. Managing to offer the worst of both worlds.

It wasn’t always like this. We had our own USP’s that attracted people, including supporters of other clubs.


The worrying thing is even when you review the 2015/16 season , the success on the pitch still didn’t re unite the club and the the town with attendances still hovering around the 5k mark at times.

Unfortunately It’s now a deep routed issue that will take years to turn around, my worry is the club realise that so have taken the approach to flatline and milk the club ( mainly commercial dealings) for cash before selling it on.


That might be an interesting route. Advertisers/Sponsors will think twice if association with WFC is tarnishing their own image. WFC would think twice if these were thinking twice.


Nice work Rob


Head and sand spring to mind reading that response.

Can’t believe he tries to use the Luton attendance as a positive. There were only 3.7k home fans at that game! Had we been playing Fleetwood or Scunthorpe the overall crowd would barely have made 4,000 for a Christmas fixture.

Student tickets were widely abused in the past were they? How on Earth would the club know this? Were people claiming to be a student to get the discount then running around the ground shouting “I’m not really a student hehe”. Ask to see a valid student card, if they don’t have one they don’t get the discount. Countless other football clubs and retailers manage this, but it’s just not possible for Walsall FC apparently. That excuse sounds like an outright lie to be quite honest.

Again we see the club patting itself on the back for the free football for youngsters offer. Yes, it sounds good on paper and they have milked it for all the PR value it’s worth. But are people actually taking the offer up in good numbers? Apparently not and if it doesn’t work in practice it’s actually a bad idea! You came up with what seemed a good idea, but it hasn’t worked, so go back to the drawing board and try something else.


Yes. From here now it is hard yards. It is about stopping the rot and then attracting people back in tens rather than hundreds or thousands. It is working the detail, trying some stuff then tracking and monitoring the impact. As we have all said, the worry from the initial response is that those hard yards might just be too hard.


Good response Rob…the only thing I might have pointed out differently, would have been the irony of Walsall FC club sponsor (Homeserve) being the country’s largest provider of tradesmen,and yet, they can’t find a decent Plumber, to do basic maintenance, on what is a basic human need.


The Banks’s stadium - where you can’t get a pint.
Stand sponsored by Homeserve - toilets flood and can’t get a plumber.
Uni sponsor - no student incentives.

Lol… couldn’t make it up.


Laughable and sums up the complete apathy and couldn’t give a **** attitude from the boardroom down to the front entrance


They really said too short notice?

That leak has been an issue for ages. It was leaking in the bar when we played Coventry at home, 8th December. They had a bucket underneath the leak and soaked rags were piled up against the wall.

Obviously weren’t bad enough at the time to close the bar so no need to address the issue…


Somewhere along the line someone is not doing their job. In the upper toilets there are taps that have the force of pressure washers resulting in water all over the floor. It’s been like that for the last few seasons. Obviously can’t be arsed to fix it.


Spot the difference…seems as though he’s only a Supporter Liaison Officer when it suits them to use it as a fob off.


Pass the parcel.


Wish our players could pass like that.


We do?

When losing in the 94th minute and we decide to play across the back.


Shambolic - we’re getting used to this eh?


If it wasn’t so serious it would be hilarious.

Are we trapped in some kind of comedy here? Are there some hidden camera’s around the Banks?

Daniel Clarke
Marketing Manager, Support Liaison Officer, Toilet Inspector & Fanzone Fun Facilitator


Stefan Gamble
Knobhead, Patroniser, General Bullshitter, Yes man.


Hot potato.


From 2010



“Chief executive Stefan Gamble has moved to repair the shattered relationship between Walsall’s disillusioned fans and the club.”

They will never ever learn. The lot need booting.