Walsall FC - My View - The Response to the letter


The balloon idea to symbolise lost fans was a good idea. If we did it now the cloud of balloons would probably disrupt Birmingham Airport flight path :roll_eyes:


Talk is cheap (unlike most of the options in our ticketing strategy!)

Fans are more hacked off than ever so his ‘vowed’ objective has hardly been met has it?

The basic definition of a CEO is (there are a few explicit and specific definitions but generally):

Top executive responsible for a firm’s overall operations and performance. He or she is the leader of the firm, serves as the main link between the board of directors (the board) and the firm’s various parts or levels, and is held solely responsible for the firm’s success or failure. One of the major duties of a CEO is to maintain and implement corporate policy, as established by the board.

The buck (in terms of performance and policy is the CEO) stops with him in respect of the day to day running of the club. He’s either a yes man (I know what we all think) or he’s not doing his job properly… Probably both in most fans opinion…


Exactly. That is what some of our fans do not get when they trot out the “town doesn’t support the club” routine. Businesses, football clubs etc. build success over time based on a strategy.

They allow for the ups and downs along the way.

They focus on the inputs (the leading indicators) to ensure that the outputs (lagging indicators) to take care of themselves.


Accept that any suggestion of changing the rent or freezing can’t be done. As a gesture though JB could stick his hand in his pocket and “gift” two years rental equivalent to the club.

Laughing as I type this of course


Could he offer that the pension fund pays for future ground maintenance and a schedule of improvements to the existing facilities?


Love that Ghost. Bonser could come out and say here’s a million quid. That’s less than 3 years rent.


Followed several different threads on here the past week or so I’m greatly encouraged that the planning and the personnel for the movement behind the protests seems to be more organised, more constructive than previous attempts.
You have my backing.
I believe that the focus meeting would be a superb place to kick start the campaign.
However, unlike many, I think maybe a change in tact may be in order. Instead of a large show of fans, as we had last season, wouldn’t it gain more attention from the press if one fan alone attended the meeting, stood up at the start outlining what is aimed to be achieved and left it with them. A live version of @RobHarv3y letter if you like. Tell them if they can’t meet the objectives that are set then a more sustained protest movement will be pursued.
Just an idea. The old Q and A thing will be flat batted by Mole and Gamble so maybe something different.
Just an idea.


In theory yeah. Too short notice and you’ll never get just one person as there’s always going to be people that turn up regardless


Maybe a mass walkout instead? Something that draws attention, gets people/press talking. Last seasons large gathering at the focus meetings and the Oxford walkout stirred the board into action.


Let’s face it. SG is purely the employed finance man that joined from the club’s Accountants when he was the audit manager and has zero commercial experience. He is a fan which is good but he has no real authority and has to be a yes man to JB.
DM is a fan but no relevant commercial experience and again has to be a yes man to JB. Both are a step forward from Whalley who had no fan rapport and who seems still to be an influence.
Leigh Pomlett at least seemed bothered when he attended the last big fans forum. Can we seek to get him there next week?
We have an autocratic dictator at the helm that has built a decent business model and supposedly is the number one fan as well.
Regrettably the art of managing to create a small business profit each year whilst personally charging the football club an exorbitant unaffordable rent and ensuring the football club has an uncompetitive playing budget can only end in tears.
Most dictators eventually pay the price for their arrogance and self belief.
JB could still create a positive legacy for himself for the longer term rather than his current stubborn belief.
I won’t hold my breath though.
Supporters have to come together and find alternative investors for the club as it seems clear that none of the Board are actively seeking such a solution whilst JB enjoys the status quo of creaming the cash flow.


Dan Mole is a Birmingham City fan!


Dan Mole is a ■■■■.


Same thing.


When it comes to the rent / freehold situation I agree Gamble and Mole don’t really have any say.

But when it comes to the general running of the club, matchday experience and facilities they oversee that.
I was disappointed by Gambles response to the letter because it didn’t recognise the problems and say what they were GOING to do to rectify. Instead it said we’ve DONE some bits and we can’t do any more so that’s ENOUGH. It very much stunk of “accept it and stop bothering me”.


I think the mistake a lot of people make is to assume that the club is run with any ambition other than to pay the rent check.

It is not.

There’s little Stefan or Dan can really do. They are there to ensure rent and loan repayments get made, and that the wage to turnover ratio doesn’t go beyond a certain level.

If you look through the accounts year-by-year, you see that the wages to turnover ratio is remarkably steady, we never really “push the boat out”. This indicates that club has only one ambition, and that is to pay the rent, thats it.

There’s no passion for anything else, so it’s pointless trying to engage with them on that kind of level. The bottom line is that Dan and Stefan don’t give a ■■■■, and why should they? They know as well as you or I that they are completely hamstrung.

I don’t know what is being organised, as I’m not part of it, I just feel you need to forego any of the chit chat and go for the jugular. Protest, protest, protest until he gets so fed up he doesn’t want to be at the club anymore. If they offer to talk, protest some more. Talking will not get you anywhere if you want Jeff gone and a fresh start for the club.


I’m well aware I don’t agree with you all that often but my thoughts on this subject are in same ball park.

■■■■ focus meetings, ■■■■ dialogue…we’ve done it all and it doesn’t get us anywhere. Hit media outlets and hit Jeff HARD; matchday, commercial events - just keep on hitting him until his only option for a quiet life is to ■■■■ off.


I also agree with this.
JB has rhino skin, talk is cheap and honestly - over the years it’s all been tried before, many times.

A long, sustained (national if possible) protest against him, highlighting what he has milked from the club, whilst telling us to go support other teams, that we have never had it so good, and a club transformed, so why shouldn’t he, is definitely the best attack / approach in my opinion


Agreed. Talking has got this club nowhere over the years and now is the time to start and not stop until at the very least his mentality towards the club and his rent is changed.

I do have a certain amount of sympathy for Dan and Stefan as obviously they don’t have the final say on things and they are told what to do and they cannot change the fortunes of this club. Where I lose respect is for things such as the response to Robs letter. It was clear from the response that they can’t be arsed with a bit of stick, they can’t be arsed to reply, they can’t be arsed to try new ideas and methods.

In fairness to Dan though whenever I have emailed him about things what can be done is done. I recommended the metal bars by the bar in the bescot bar lower as nobody in Walsall seems to know how to queue up properly. It’s a short term fix that can be implemented right away and fair play, it was. He did however ask the heads of certain departments I complained about to get back to me with feedback - they never did.


The problem I see is one. The same person can change something in the club and doesn’t want to change anything (bar very minor fixes), when rent is paid. It is real stalemate. Letters? Have little meaning, except small details may be improved. Protest? Owner can wait, till it vanishes. Some protest, that hurt income? Rent is first, club will suffer. I can imagine long list of arguments, that can be used to show, why such protest is wrong. Changing ownership won’t make much difference, cause next person would probably use the same method and how it works. So nothing change, maybe only last name of the owner. Relegation from the league? Team can play even in league ten, as long as rent is paid. I agree, this is very clever method. Unfortunately, football club means very little. I support protest, I understand bad emotions towards rent situation or ground ownership (I don’t think in my country someone else than club or city is the owner of the ground; private person? if yes, it is very rare situation) and I’m crossing fingers protest will change even one little thing, but I’m old enough to know, it won’t.


Dan Mole wears ■■■■ suits pass it on