Walsall FC - My View - The Response to the letter


Was SG not involved in the game prior to joining Walsall ?

Pretty sure he had dealing with the FA or something down those lines.


My understanding is he was the audit manager of the club accountants (previous to current ones) at that time working with the club on that basis. Therefore known to JB and Whalley as safe pair of hands in principle. Obviously has recently got the EFL Board link.


So he’s basically an accountant, kind of explains his poor communication.




Being part of the accounts audit team, he will no doubt have had a good insight into JB preferred way of handling the finances and if he is a yes man too, Jeff would have seen him as a shoe-in for a senior role in the club at some stage!


Too true and I can say that as an Accountant myself! Those that come out of the Profession (Chatered Accountant Practices) generally have zero personality and if they don’t go into Industry they often remain that way with no lateral vision.
I was an Accountant in industry and then a Consultant and it helps you see the bigger picture.
That’s why I have more faith in Leigh Pomlett as a catalyst for potential change as I don’t see him as a Yes man.


Yes I work in finance myself so see it daily , certainly not knock against accountants :joy::joy:


Nowt wrong with a good ‘bean counter’ - I just feel that in this case he’s being mis-managed into a subservient role by our illustrious number one fan! :roll_eyes:


Spot on, we protest a little, they agree to a meeting, some vague promises are made and the protests stop, ad infinitum.

Sole goal now needs to be carry on protesting until he at least finally reveals his exit plan.


Given his answer to this last year at the previous meeting I don’t think he has one… he’ll hang on until he passes and then everything goes to his descendants… who’ll likely carry on getting the goose to lay golden eggs for their own pensions… and why shouldn’t they? :roll_eyes:


Manor from Daven… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Surprise, surprise! Transfer incoming!


Perhaps purse strings loosened at last a tad. Was it from the perception of the upcoming fan pressure? Would it have happened anyway?
Whatever it is good news to be getting (it seems) the sort of players DK wanted in the Summer but perhaps at that point “Computer says NO” was the JB reaction to his requests.
We MUST continue to seek change through our new WSFC as a continuum going forward whilst supporting the team on the pitch and DK.


I’m more interested on the feedback on the Mr Gambles shambles - he should be embarrassed with his response and contempt for our supporters - let’s see what he comes out with tonight…

Acceptance of an error in judgement?
Willing to accept change is a must (not optional based on the teams performances…)?

Keep him on his toes folks…