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Walsall FC - My View - The Response to the letter


Why don’t we bombard WM tonight? Granted they probably won’t listen but if enough of us do it they have to take notice surely?!


Dan Mole said last January that communication had to be improved. A year on nothing has changed other than him leaving Twitter, yet Gamble is bullish about how the board ‘engage’ supporters.



It’s like North Korea.


Yes. The discussion doesn’t stop here.

Love the ‘please forward future correspondence to a less important member of the team’ sign off.


A couple of fans focus meetings with them giving generic replies to ones such as the letter above makes them think they’re interacting.

They’ll also have a walk around in the Stadium Suite before games talking to each other.

That’s their way of saying they’re interacting.


Too right. Far too often the board have come back with a reply as such and think by giving us a generic reply they are doing us a favour and we will just carry on as normal.

Can’t be the case this time


That’s the bit that got me. I’m actually disgusted with the club. They do not give a ■■■■ about us, it’s okay though, they painted the toilets and added hot water. ■■■■■■■ clowns. If you’re reading this Bonser/Mole/Gamble, ■■■■ off out my club.


Wow another excellent response; I hope they live to rue this latest blatant fob off.


That’s what really riled me.


Well you can’t expect them push out the A listers like Ed,just to listen to little old Walsall’s problems can you…What they can do (like they’ve done for every other West midland team) is to have a Walsall special with someone from the Walsall board answering questions,maybe even the man himself.


I think we should now draft a response to the club stating why certain points are not acceptable to the supporter base (whilst acknowledging good things also). Main points I would write would be;

  • You do not understand that Walsall FC has slipped behind the ‘competition’ in ticket pricing/simplicity. Some examples (as given on this site) would help.
  • You are working too slowly on toilet/catering improvements. People will not come back if they are faced with the issues. It would also be useful to acknowledge these issues on social media and show they are being worked on. Catering issues have been re-occurring for a long time.
  • The club shop website relaunch was a farce that had major problems, not recognised by you. You do not address initial questions on sales of particular merchandise.
  • The communication with fans is limited to committee style meetings that do not address issues but stall on them. No real progress is being seen on addressing issues quickly and efficiently.
  • The vision is fair but the impression is that the club management is hobbled by the rent issue.
  • With the given responses on the rental agreement, it appears to the supporter base that these are excuses and that Suffolk Life is unwilling to be pragmatic and willing in order to push the club forward.
  • We have documented multiple examples where potential new fans (or even old ones) are now going to different football clubs because of a simpler and more cost effective ticket pricing structure for individual games.
  • On the christmas fixtures, you excuse the poor attendance for the Bristol Rovers game with away fan attendance but then use the Luton game as an example of improved attendance, totally ignoring the corresponding element of an hugely increased away following. Your logic doesnt follow.

I am happy to help with any response draft.


And make sure it’s sent and addressed to Gamble, Mole, Bonser and the board.

Each paragraph needs a bullet point below it saying what the fans’ think. This should be strongly worded and not concessionary.


Literally like this :joy::raised_hands:t2:


I can go out and get an Albion Villa or Wolves ticket for the same price as one of ours so in a way he’s right. We certainly aren’t in competition with any of those clubs!


One thing the attendance response does 100% confirm is they are relying on away attendances propping up our gates while the fans in the home ends slowly dwindles! Morons


Oh my, that’s a tremendous reply, he should go and be a politician. Though I have a modicum of sympathy for his plight, he is stuck answering well thought out letter and answering it with a proverbial gun to his head.

I would say his response, doesn’t reflect Gamble’s ability to be CEO, but the regime above him. I think Stalin was more open to the masses than old JWB.


It’s not Bonser though.

Technically, the landlord is a separate legal entity.

For tax purposes, Jeff’s ownership of the land is held by a Pension Fund and until he cashes in that pension, they are de facto landlords.

As I’ve said before, you lot shouldn’t focus on the detail of where we are now, you’ve got to force Bonsers hand one way or another - get him to reveal his exit plan, or actual start engaging his exit plan. He must have one - he’s old, he’s got a very lucrative asset in a tax efficient legal construct that he can’t cash in yet. He must have some plans - we need to know what they are.

Writing about how ■■■■ the kiosks are is like moaning about the temperature of the Champagne as the Titanic sinks.


The asset is generating a return every year. He can take as much as an income from it as he likes.


And if he wanted to cash out that pension, he would be landlord and able to grant us the rent free period, but of course he has no interest in helping this club whatsoever


What about if you’ve written about the big ■■■■■■■ iceberg as well? Like Rob did? :roll_eyes: