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Walsall FC - My View - The Response to the letter


It’s on LinkedIn. Daniel Clarke posted it up.


Haha I tried to come up with other words to describe but couldn’t think of anything more fitting.


I know, just saw the website article. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more depressing room…




Looks more like a kennel.


It’ll be lovely for the 20 people under 5"10 who can fit in there.


This. 100% this.


Top response:

“Rather have toilets I don’t have to wade through ■■■■ to get to tbf”


Bristol Rovers’ fans will be flattered to know that they are such an attraction to the people of Walsall.


Mate I travelled to Bristol Rovers twice in the last two years to watch us play them and it was a MUCH more pleasurable experience than watching us play them in our own town. And they haven’t even got a ■■■■■■■ roof.


Having seen the fanzone, the owners of the word “tinpot” have released a statement saying they wish to be disassociated with Walsall F.C


Spot on



Firstly well done to Rob for taking the time and effort to synthesise a whole raft of comments and compose the original letter.

Onto the reply: I think SG is a decent guy, trying to do the best he can in a role where his hands are tied. However, what I hear in that response is an overwhelming sense of “it is what it is” accompanied by a hefty shrug of the shoulders. There is no sense of ambition and frankly he has missed the point on many of the original points raised in Rob’s letter (ticket pricing, reaching out to new fans, on the state of facilities, on the club shop “offer” and so on).

Setting aside the ownership and playing side of things, where is the creativity, where is the energy and desire to show they want to improve the facets of the club that are the basics?

A fundamental root and branch review of all activities should be instigated. As I said some weeks ago, a review of what other clubs are doing would throw up a number of new ideas and illuminate our own shortcomings. See how others innovate and offer the best “experience” they can - food, drink, ticket prices, matchday experience, merchandise, dialogue with supporters etc.

The reply gives no real sense the Club is actively looking to learn from others - it’s not too big a task to get all the Service Managers to devise a short list of exemplar clubs and then arrange to visit them and learn from their oppos. They don’t even have to be football clubs - plenty of other sports clubs offer far wider and superior merchandise ranges than we do, other venues offer a much better quality snacks and “kiosk food and refreshments” than we do - there is so much we could learn and improve upon.

I am not a catering or merchandising expert but I could point out very quickly what could be done differently to improve these facts of the club and I am sure a few others of us could too - why not have a number of “supporters liaison groups” they could tap into to help with this as well as the long list of other issues.

We need someone with vision, creativity and someone prepared to “do things differently” and prepared to encourage and back innovation and we need a culture that puts continuous improvement at the heart of its M.O.


A substantial part of the club’s income comes through hospitality and event management - they have all the expertise they need, but do they have the willingness?


Another “that’ll do” response.

I’m beginning to get the impression that they actually believe they are doing a good job. Deluded


Catering manager??? Don’t make me laugh! It’s which 16 yr old turns up first on match day and grabs the kiosk keys!!


Re. The student discounts part.

This really beggars belief. I’ve said similar on here in the past, but it bears repeating.

The sports campus of a University is within walking distance of the stadium, where hundreds live on site, on limited income. Some of these sports enthusiasts will find career opportunities or long term partners in the area, and permanently relocate here from elsewhere in the country. These are potential long-term fans. Are significant enough numbers of people who would otherwise attend at full-price seriously going to try and exploit a student discount to make it- at the absolute least- not a worthwhile loss-leader?!

Besides which, precisely how challenging can this be to, in Mr Gamble’s own words, “police”, when the logo of that very University can be found at the bottom of the bit of paper you’ve put the word on?! They’re a partner of the club, for crying out loud.


How is it hard to police. Present your NUS card with your ticket. Done!


And just like the town centre, there wont be a shred of promotional material distributed at the Gorway campus or at Walsall College (another of our partners).


Do any other clubs in the Midlands do student season tickets?