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Walsall FC - My View - The Response to the letter


Yes, West Brom,


I posted the other week that my lad who is at University in London got tickets for him and his mate for the Charlton game for £12 quid each.

Costs me full whack for him when we watch Walsall at home.


I’m not quite sure what Gamble and Mole actually do, or what they bring to the club. Gamble was a financial director before he was CEO. No real experience in running a football club. Dan Mole was in charge of the match day programme (i think) before he was made a “Director” and has a place on the board. I would like to know how he got onto the board in the first place. Did he invest any money into the club?
They are both content in passing the buck onto others i.e Dan Clarke etc… And quite content in delivering the same old answers to supporters questions.
I think any protest in the future should be aimed at these 2, who are supposed to be running the club. They are only running the club into the ground !! Gamble & Mole OUT !!


A friend of mine is a Galatasaray supporter- I know him from our time together at the University of Wolverhampton. He now lives in London, but every time he comes back up this way, he goes to the Wolves. Goes to show that such affinities can build up during such a significant point in your life, regardless of if they’re your first love, so to speak (see also: a Scouser of red persuasion I used to work with, who still goes to AFC Telford a dozen+ times a year).


Nice to know others think what I’ve said previously about Gamble and Mole, it’s correct that Dan Mole was responsible for matchday programme photos and was told he used to be involved in the match videos! Then all of a sudden he’s secretary and on the board! Astonishing what a rising star, better go or I might be accused of being obsessive :flushed:


I’m sure there are ways to get around every problem by using the brain power of the cornucopia of talents that exist on UTS and other friendly Walsall forums.


I’d rather the people who are paid to manage and guide the football club took care of it, Sid.


Interesting he uses the Luton game versus the equivalent Rotherham game to support his point about the boxing day attendance.

5739 attended Luton, of which 3782 were Saddlers. 4685 attended Rotherham of which 3920 were Saddlers.

Guess what…


Mole was Whalley’s lackey/protege for a few years. Clearly being groomed to take over once Whalley retired.


Better to get fans to volunteer in the fanzone for a free ticket. Should be paying people to watch the ■■■■ on the pitch let alone working for them! :roll_eyes:


I know, lets ■■■■■ £400k in the next accounts to show we cant afford the rent payments


In respect of who’s to blame…

There’s mention of Catering Manager, Club Shop Manager and Support Liaison Officer etc etc in the letter (which I’m sure is a symptom of the ‘shoulder shrugging’ going on as a response to the letter) but amongst other topics we are questioning are leadership, accountability and creativity so I had a quick look at the clubs ‘who’s who’ drop down on the site. Leaving aside playing staff, management and coaching etc it seems we have:

9 Board members
A CEO and a Club Secretary as senior members
At least 6 people in what could be classed in general as senior commercial or marketing roles!!!

It’s hard to believe that none of that lot exhibit any of the leadership, accountability and creativity a relatively small business requires (as a basic requirement!) - The obvious issue is the approach from the board - if they don’t care, then the staff won’t care - it’s as simple as that.

When you think of us in terms of being a £5M business - it’s incredible how it’s actually structured when you consider the lack of passion and creativity that’s evident throughout the organisation.


So much in that letter to take issue with and I’m at work at the moment so it’ll have to wait till another time. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I will say though that it seems they think they should be congratulated for providing the most basic service and facilities! :roll_eyes:

Wonder if they take that approach with their customers to The Venue? :thinking:


Boasting about having hot water in the toilets really does sum it up.


How any of these are in a job I have no idea. Nice guys or not, they are clueless with regards how the modern game works and the basic service / facilties they should offer.


Well done KS… I was trying to find that but couldn’t.

I guessed as soon as I read it that the difference would be in the away support.

He must think fans are stupid throwing selective facts around which can easily be called out.


Very true.


The whole letter is amateur hour mate and the sad thing is that they think we’re too thick to spot the holes in it.

I’ve said it before, fans are an inconvenience to this club to a point they’re almost held in contempt.


All they have done it seems is toughened our resolve to sort this once and for all, which is no bad thing imo.

This letter could be a turning point. Well done Steff and Mole, you have worked wonders for our cause.

You just keep insulting our intelligence thinking we will go away like we have done in the past…


Just shows how incompetent Gamble is !!