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Walsall FC - My View - The Response to the letter


A paper towel club in a Dyson Airblade world.


:joy: spot on.



There are 64 different price categories for a single Category A game advertised on our website.


I’m not sure what industry you are in but surely you can just ask your customers to do your job for you and spend your time replying on here instead. After all that’s similar to what our board directors are doing in the reply.


I’ll bet you Dan Mole has read this and thought “my lord I am glad I left Twitter!”


University. I was on my lunch break.
Not sure our students would be too happy me asking them to do my job considering how many thousands they’re getting in debt thanks to the government! :wink:


I hope so because that means he’ll read this … ■■■■ off Mole and take Gamble and Bonser with you. Cretin.


Got an arse on today ain’t ya Scott :rofl:


On the free U18s tickets issue which they keep patting themselves on the back about. This is only available as part of a season ticket right?

So if you don’t have a season ticket (which many don’t because their marketing of this great offer is rubbish) then on a match by match basis, it still costs U18s anywhere between £11 and £18 depending on where they sit, if they are with an adult, whether we are playing illustrious opponents like Bristol Rovers, which colour coat they are wearing or whatever else effects the pricing of our tickets.

Meanwhile at West Brom…
U11s £5
U18s £10
Students/U23s £15

And at Blues…
U13s £5
U18s £10
U23s £15


I emailed Stefan around a year ago about season ticket prices in a letter that addressed the issues of the Whitney Newport debacle. I pointed out how ridiculous it was to not have student season tickets/more age brackets that would attract the next generation etc. I got the same response back about it being hard to police/fake student ID rubbish and said he would look into implementing a new price structure for this age bracket for the 2019/20 season (was too late to implement for this season supposedly).

Shows how it’s all hot air as reading from the letter above then there clearly has been no investigation into changing the season ticket age structure in the past year. Another letter put through the shredder by WFC.

As a student at the Uni of Nottingham, I noticed Forest’s pricing structure on early bird season tickets for this current season and sent that to Stefan in the same email last year as I think the price increments across the brackets work quite well. Plus they just don’t bother with student status, it’s for all 18-23 year olds. Or will that be too hard to police in case we all buy fake ID’s? :roll_eyes:

Have a gander at their season ticket thing below if you want:


The “hard to police” argument sums the club up.

They’d rather stop someone getting in for £15 when they should be paying £21.50 because the club would be £6.50 out of pocket.

What happens, is that the person with £15 in their pocket stays away anyway (or goes elsewhere), so the club are actually worse off (£21.50 out of pocket, instead of £6.50)


Sad reading. So many words to say so little. Promotion to Championship is not a vision. Without plan, road-map how to do it, it is only a dream. How club wants to pursue such dream showed season 2015/16, when promotion was 2-3 loans away. Little bit of gamble, sell one player in January, invest all in adequate replacement and voila, promised lands await. Or make rent-free period, but no, rent is sacred, unmovable piece of environment. Footy club is only small inconvenience around. It is little bit seen as a child on life support in a hospice. Sit tight, you got new slippers, new toys. Wanna new? You don’t know how expensive last ones were, do you? What else do you want, walk outside? It’s dangerous, other children broke arms, or legs, or many other horrible things can happen, so sit tight. You can look through window, if you want. And don’t forget, we repainted walls, new carpets will be soon. So let the adults do the adult things and behave. Protest? Oh, you can, but look, new doll and all disappointment soon vanish.

So many people at the club, so little feel of responsibility for. Only rent, possible other financial incomes from the ground, but football? What is it? We don’t want it, we just tolerate it. It looks like no one noticed it is 2019 now. There are bigger, and with more financial muscle clubs, even league below. But why they are bigger? Some got sugar daddies, but some made a lot of work to change. In 1999 when I first was aware there is footy club like Walsall FC, in the same league were Fulham, Manchester City, Wigan, Bournemouth, Stoke or Burnley. Of course some clubs get relegated, but it is obvious, when you don’t have closed leagues. 20 years later there are still strong clubs, who can do more. Why? Because they worked hard. On and off the field to improve all possible areas. Money is important, but it won’t solve all issues.

And on the side note, maybe it wasn’t bad idea to support someone else. It doesn’t mean support someone, who often wins, but someone, who do nearly everything to improve. Not just standing still and wait, till wind will be more favourable to move. Because this could never happen.



I should have had an earlier night


It’s hard to come to any other conclusion than the club is run with zero focus on growth or the existing fanbase, sorry customers.

How many others have messaged independently only to be fobbed off? This kind of research is what any other club just does as part of their own operations, our clowns get if for free because people are so ■■■■■■ off they look at other clubs structures themselves. The thanks we get; well we can all see for ourselves.

I was bordering towards apathy before all this started but I am now livid.


Then factor in that young person might have come for another, say, 10 games in that season and multiply up by 40-60 years as a lifetime supporter - that’s quite a tidy sum to miss out on.


100%. The ‘free football for under-18’s’ is perfect for the club as a soundbite. In reality, there are hardly any takers and it’s not even relevant to the floating fan. It can only be done as part of the early bird scheme, you still pay £69 (albeit with cashback) and I think you need passport photographs.

We need to make it easier for the average fan to decide a day or two before a game, make sure the ticket prices are easy to understand (i.e. not 64 different options), easy to purchase, and to collect. It’s quite simple.


Just tell them it’s not real debt, if they want to see real debt they can spend a day on placement with me :joy:


Exactly - there very seems to be very much a case of reluctance to do anything that might have the potential to lose money…even if it’s money that they’re not currently getting.

It’s a very risk adverse policy which means that the club seems to be dying on it’s arse!

it reinforces the belief that the club needs some fresh blood/change of direction at the top level. It needs to realise that it’s the 2010’s and not the 1990’s :frowning:


Well, its nearly the 2020’s; so thats 30 years past its sell by date!

It is wasn’t for the genius of Dean Smith I hate to think the state we would be in right now as a club, because he was the only factor that bucked the trend of stagnation in the last 15 years.


stagnation - that sums up the club perfectly…going nowhere fast for 30 years!