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Walsall FC - My View - The Response to the letter


They will also count season ticket holders in those attendances. I am non-attending season ticket holder using my unused season ticket to go and watch Solihull Moors for a tenner. Why don’t Walsall offer something like this for supporters of other local league clubs? This whole response makes my blood boil - there is no point in protests unless they hit them in the pocket, so just stop going to matches - that’s the only protest that hurts Jeff.


Maybe the ladies can have sanitary bins in the loos too… And not out by the sinks #justathought I went to Nuneaton new years day and their facilities were brill for us ladies… And non league!


AS I have posted a number of times we need new thinking badly and if anyone required proof of that the reply confirms it in every way. The people who run the club are not bad people, they do their best, they love the Club as much as most of us on here BUT they lack true leadership.a positive vision and above all a customer first strategy.
Those you who are thinking of a campaign to oust JB need to put those issues at the top of your agendas. Positive campaigns generally do better than negative ones. It is fine to point out errors of the past but they will not win you hearts and minds without dreams for the future. The future for Clubs like Walsall depends on them being run either by the local community or by people who understand the need for community involvement at every level.


If he had drawn the rent payments this would have helped reduce the fund value in readiness for the benefit crystallisation event at age 75 and actually helped him out in terms of the test against the Lifetime Allowance.
The usual concern here is bringing funds from the inheritance tax allowance free pension wrapper into the individual’s estate but this again could have been remedied by making gifts to the club thus reducing the estate by potentially exempt transfers for the purpose of inheritance tax. Outside the estate after 7 years.

Or he could trouser the ticket money himself


He’s just another Bonser puppet , won’t say anything that’ll upset his boss , and jeopardize his position , and ultimately his job


Exactly @simon , obviously he can’t be arsed to bother with all this ■■■■ …


Most of that was expected. Mass rolling eyes at the Vision for the club section tbh.

That last reply basically saying the Boxing day attendance was low due to not many Bristol Rovers coming is completely missing the point.

Most interesting stuff for me there was they did actually attempt to engage with SLP and try to change the terms of the rent to give more funds to the first team squad. The rejection however shows the complexies the club is now locked into.

Protest away methinks…


You’ll probably find that the catering manager will end up being told to read it , and come up with some answers as all the above will have far more important things to do with their time …


Totally predictable response displaying usual contempt for fans.

We have to write our own appraisals in my job (I know, I know - utter nonsense…). If the individuals running our club had to do the same, I’m positive they’d give themselves an outstanding rating where as the reality is, they are presiding over a slow, long death.


Is that side of the business I.E events , hospitality , not just for making sure that the rent is paid ?

and then you have the kiosks etc that is just for raising the money for the playing side of things ?

Wonder why the one side of the catering is head and shoulders above the other one


Where is tommy robinson when you need him :joy:


As i remember it Mr Roy Whalley started to get some real ■■■■ off us supporters , and just stuck Mole in front to take the flak

He then just drifted out of the firing line but was still pulling the strings from behind the scenes


But only in one ■■■■■■■ tap though


But that would ultimately mean them spending money


Then threw his toys out the pram and never to be seen again


As a qualified copy-editor and proof reader I’m almost as disappointed by the content of that letter as I am as a fan. Let me recast it for free to get rid of the grammatical errors and reduce it to plain English:

Dear Rob,

Thanks for your letter of [whenever], which raises some important concerns. Allow me to respond one by one:

Ticket pricing
We know it’s expensive so we increase prices incrementally, which doesn’t address your concern at all. Our simple pricing structure is built according to our online purchasing software package, which cost us next to nothing from an East European developer ages ago and I’m afraid nobody knows how to change it. So I’m sorry to say that the only thing we could do better, but won’t, is promote the club. Check out our new online shop front window, and ignore the mechanics behind it!

Communication with the fans
If you want to say anything to us we meet regularly with some people you’ve never heard of, so please speak to them so we can bury your question in meeting minutes that nobody reads. Alternatively, turn up to the important fans focus meetings, where we read out chairman-approved statements to written questions. We also have some social media propaganda.

We’re a well run club but can’t compete in this league so stop dreaming of promotion, as we haven’t got a plan for it. Rest assured that the manager gets every penny he’s due for his ‘player budget’. Yes, the quote marks are intentional, as my transcribing software picks up my air quotes every time I make them.

He tells me nothing’s changed, and never will. Apart from maybe the rent.

New fans
We’ve done our best to put off the old ones, and have no scheme to attract new ones either, apart from our amazing new Fan Zone under the stairs where the broom cupboard used to be. We’ll look at ways of improving other facilities, in a non time-specific manner.

Boxing Day Attendance
Look at the game after!

Thanks for bringing these matters to my attention. I don’t really want to deal with them, so in future please address your concerns to my lackey, or ask one of the unknowns in the Trust, who are too scared to ever raise anything substantial.

Yours etc.


Nailed it.


Funny he never commented on his Luton, Bournemouth or Rotherham comment :joy:


Currently researching other clubs so they can put out a new one of who we can support. They have their PR watching developments at Bolton and Southend closely and a new quote will hopefully be available shortly.


This needs to be shared and aired, and sent back to the club.