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Walsall FC - My View - The Response to the letter


Of course, as a pure reductionist, you could phrase this as a Q&A:

What are your plans for the future?
More of the same with some cosmetic frippery.


Clearly, the focus on customer satisfaction and service which Gamble is “driving” for has taken root at the club.

I called the club yesterday to buy tickets for Scunthorpe/Rochdale to be told that the ticket office was too busy, but if I left my number they’d try to call me back if they could. Decision made on the spot to go see a film tomorrow instead followed by a top notch curry, all for the £18.50 that they have the nerve to charge for the football megagiants from Lincolnshire. Cash lost to the club.

Season ticket holder for most of the past 40 years when living in the area, I gave this up last season given Bonser’s indifference to the team I love. Good luck with the protests, but the only way to hit Bonser is in the wallet.


People were sympathetic towards Mole on Twitter but he’s a ■■■■■■■ snake. Deserved the lot he got.


I’ve said it before and no one has ever paid attention … He is part of the organisation that hosts all of the boxing events at the club.

He’s on the make big time as well … seems to go unchallenged??

Look it up.


I think it would be an interesting idea to hand the original letter along with the response letter to some of the more active and honest owners/CEO’s at other clubs and get there take on it if they’d be willing to give a response (Darragh MacAnthony, Andy Holt…)

As we all know, our opinions as fans and paying customers doesn’t mean ■■■■ all with our board but theirs might should they be willing to comment and would hold real weight should our protests make the media


Absolutely correct he’s lower than a snakes belly, something I’ve been saying for a long time, Gamble is just as bad, All 3 need removing from this club.


I mean to be fair if he’s making a bit of money out of the boxing, but the club benefits too, I couldn’t give a ■■■■. In fact fair play to him. Outside of the hours of 3-5 on a Saturday they could host swinging parties there for all I care, if it generates money for the club, then whatever.

But when the club is in such dire need of re-imagination, re-direction and downright care he and the rest of those ■■■■■■■ mugs are responsible for that.

I’ve always been sympathetic towards Mole because at least he fronted up to people on Twitter and appeared to be a man with his hands tied. It’s past that point now. They are all complicit.


We need this on a flag for the cov and burton games.


As El Nombre has said, they’re all complicit and in my opinion any protest needs to be targeted to all three of them.

I appreciate they’re on the payroll, but they’re just Jeff’s lackeys, employed to fob off fans with the aim of continuing milking the cash cow for a long as possible without the need to actually provide anything like a decent club.

Mole and Gamble have had their chance - fans laid off them for a long time in the hope they could be a new start, or a conduit for the fans to influence the club. This hasn’t happened and so they deserve all they get.


That’s my point , if fans weren’t wading through ■■■■ every home game then fair enough.

But organising these events take time , maybe the time should be invested elsewhere.


I don’t think it’s wise to start calling for the heads of anyone else apart from Bonser.Both Mole and Gamble are under Bonser’s scrutiny and influence,they will serve the next Chairman (if we ever get one) just the same way if they want to hold on to their jobs.It also takes the attention from Bonser a bit by attacking Mole and Gamble.

It was the same with Roy Whalley,one minute he was a hero of the fans along with Barry Blower.We were so pleased to get 2 of our hero’s on to the Walsall board in 1982, we all thought that they would change the club for the better,and hold the club to account.As it happened it worked the other way,the club changed Roy Whalley ,he became one of the people he had been protesting about a few short months before.

Mole and Gamble are the same,they have been molded in the same way as Whalley,if a new chairman came in,they would want to hold onto their jobs so would bend to whatever the new Chairman wanted from them,either that or resign on principle :joy:.In my opinion it would be a waste of time,effort, and resources to go after Mole & Gamble, concentrate on the main man.


They are out of touch and are taking the ■■■■ out of us. They need to ■■■■ off.


Regards Mole and Gamble, I don’t think you can really tie them in to the big decisions like the pension fund and decisions on how budgets are spent. That’s all going to be decided by Bonser and they do what they’re told.

But when it comes to the facilities and services not being up to scratch that’s definitely down to them. The letter response has a feel of “we don’t think there’s a major problem, so we’re not going to do much”.
As CEO he should be ■■■■■■ off that there’s a load of stuff going on below him that is making the club and his organisation look bad and going all out to get those below him to sort it out!


Totally agree

They should be walking the premises on match day and every other day, inspecting the facilities, speaking with the staff, watching the match day unfold for all the supporters, not just those in The Bonser Suite.


Good call Sid, this is the way to go without a doubt.
They all deserve every bit of flack they get as are complicit, but at the end of the day are just making sure they keep there jobs. Wouldn`t we all given the dictatorship in place?
As regards to targetted protests there is no point whatsoever in including Gamble/Mole or anyone else as they have not one jot of power or influence with regard to what these protests are trying to achieve. There is only one target, strong, united, concentrated, consistent, not going away, hurt in the pocket, meaningful protests may, may just make him start to think seriously about either changing his ways or finding a way out of the tangled mess he himself has created.


Disagree. Aim it at the lot, I certainly will.


Your call Samsara but have we not been down that road before? and all you end up with is a disjointed half baked protest with no joined up direction which Bonser will laugh at and take no notice whatsoever.


Does it really make that much difference if the protest is at “Bonser” or “The Club”? It needs to be committed either way.


No disrespect to anyone on this board or elsewhere, but this campaign is being run by eloquent, grounded and well read individuals - I don’t think a few people calling for Mole & Gamble to go will make any difference as long as it is coordinated professionally from the top.

With @RobHarv3y & @simon at the helm I don’t think there’s a chance we will fall into the pitfalls of old protests.

Lets face it at times in the past it was difficult to decipher what the protest was about as all people had was long, rambling and poorly punctuated Facebook posts.

If you personally want to call for Mole & Gamble too, do it!


Juggle too many ball’s in the air at the same time, and it’s likely that you will start dropping them. Concentrate on Bonser and the other 2 will fall if Bonser goes.