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Walsall FC - My View


I stopped going over 5yrs ago now.I’ve been to about 5 or 6 games since. It was a very hard decision to stop going after 50yrs man and boy,but once you’ve made that decision it’s so hard to get back that enthusiasm that made me do all sorts of daft things over the years just to get to watch Walsall play.I hope that feeling comes back,but I won’t hold my breath


Everything will be ok. Just been announced as the pride of the Midlands again, and because the away end has sold out there’s nothing wrong.


And 1 up too!


The world is good in the eyes of the top brass at the moment.


Well, I enjoyed the game today, at least we played with some passion, however the ‘cancer’ at the club remains, and that was my last visit to the Bescot until Bonser goes. As mentioned on a previous thread, I’m going to use my season ticket at Walsall to get reduced price admission to Solihull Moors, who have a very ambitious chairman. Thanks to everyone on UTS for keeping me smiling over the last 15 years, especially when threads descended into the chaos of puns! I’ll still lurk here to see how things are going, and I will let you know what the bogs are like at Solihull Moors! Thank you Geoffrey for ending my 40 years as a Walsall regular.


Not the greatest picture quality, but tonight outside the ticket office these are the ‘latest’ games coming up away - Sunderland (FAC2 Replay), Bradford (a), Peterborough (a). Now correct me if i’m wrong but we’ve played these already.

■■■■ poor attitude from the staff to not even be arsed to print out 3 new ones for games that are actually coming up. The whole place and attitude towards us stinks.


Can not fault your conviction good luck :clap:


That is poor and whoever is responsible should be held to account.


Probably some 16/17 year old on £4.20 an hour.


I’m as cynical as they come @chunkster: it’s our club and the fight will never end.


I often feel like the club think we do this as personal hate towards the board or the Bonser family etc. Maybe some people genuinely do and that is their prerogative. For me however I love this club and want my son to grow up and love this club. I feel lucky to have been alive for 5 promotions, a very decent time spent in the second tier, Millenium Stadium, Wembley and a few decent cup ties. However I feel now we are on the decline as a club and no communication to say differently from the club. I just wish a plan could be set out to show how we want to grow the fan base, improve the club and one day maybe reach heights previously seen as forbidden to little old Walsall. The plan may work or it may fail but at least we can say we tried as one big Walsall FC family. However as the phrase goes, silence is deafening.


Good post there…amongst all the negativity the good events you mention all occurred under this regime!! However I agree entirely that changes are needed. All organisations who have the same boss for years can become cosy and comfortable . We badly need new thinking and renewed ambition . If that doesn’t happen soon I think we may fall down the leagues which would be a disaster for our Town and the Club itself.


Cheers Chunkster


About 30 years ago i used to take my first nephew to all the walsall games, bought him all the shirts and when he was old enough cough cough :wink: i paid for his saddlers tattoo on his chest, years later it was all 3 of my nephews, even having their names on the back of their seats behind the goal.One of them even went to the wolves academy and point blank refused to play in a wolves shirt :joy: in the end they had to compromise and he put the dingle top OVER his saddlers shirt lol. Now out of the 3 only the eldest goes to a walsall game, and the other 2 are staunch A.V.F.C fans now, so thanks Walsall for doing everything possible to keep them interested.


Surely there’s no parking in the red zone, not the yellow zone?


Solihull are certainly on the up (as previous said co-chairman was recently in league 1 so that mythical local investor the club seem to think dosen’t exist). Should get in play offs so very exciting end to the season for the Moors.

Regardless of comparing them to Walsall it would be nice to have another league team from West Midlands conurbation, Greater Manchester is flooded with them and Salford also in mix to go up with the money they’ve spent.

Damson Wood does need a bit of money spent on it. O.k to go there when it’s a July pre season game, less inviting in the Winter!


Was looking for info on Gills away (just to see if away end is that awful open air stand behind the goal or does smaller allocations get a touchline stand).

Nothing. Game is less than three weeks away.


Last two games I’ve been too there has been just one turnstile open for the family stand, resulting in long ques. Never used to be the case.


The last two seasons have, for the first times ever, made me seriously reconsider renewing my season ticket (after probably 10-15 years of having one).

There’s a massive part of me that feels like a mug punter at Walsall and non league is looking increasingly interesting. Probably the only thing stopping me is the quality seat I have and pals I’ve made over the years. Basically the club have done nothing to keep me as a fan.


Sad to read this.

Fans have been treated as an inconvenience to the commercial entity of The Venue for a long time. We’re all just expected to feel happy that the club is there and deal with the ridiculous prices and comedically bad experience. “You don’t come out in bigger numbers, it’s your fault we’re forced to give ever larger away allocations and that we have a small budget. Why don’t you turn up?” They never stop to think that actually they are responsible for the diminished interest by complete 360 degree neglect.

To echo @chriss5471, I’ve had some great times following this club but the club that gave me all those memories - and the identity it had that - seems to be fading. Graydon’s first season hooked me for life as a nipper and then there was the play off final, the Championship years and beating our local rivals. Being there when we got promoted at Notts County and won the league at Swindon. Having hero players for me like Leitao, Walker, Keates - and feeling as though we were growing. Proper ‘Walsall’ stuff, a proper identity. I’m glad I was there for that. What does a fan who first started going in, say, 2009 have to remember?

It’s the future generations I really worry about and the ageing fanbase in the face of modern football with the birth of the armchair Premier League fan. On some levels I feel like we’ve been in a state of very slow decline from as far back as 2008 - after all that had been built in the decade previously. The Smith years and the direction we seemed to have then offered some temporary respite from that, particularly in 15/16.

We needed to get promoted that year, more than we needed it for a long time. We needed something to set us off again, attract the new young fans in and sell them to the ‘proper’ footballing experience, just like Graydon did for me and many others. It would have been a shot in the arm that might have shaken off some of the rust - both metaphorically as a fan base and physically within the stadium - and enabled us to move forwards with some sort of purpose. There hasn’t been a lot to attract anyone to Walsall in a long time as our local rivals have seen success. Nothing has been done to reward or attract supporters, new or old. No investment from them, while they expect investment from us.

This isn’t about results per se and I’m not ready to stop going completely. But it’s getting harder to travel down from Manchester every other Saturday feeling as though I’m watching something I care for that’s had it’s life support machine turned off and is being left to just drift away.