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Walsall FC - My View


Yeah, it’s not the best ground. Although I doubt that it will be their long-term home.


On a Saturday it’s usually the scaffolding stand. On a Tuesday we are usually at the side. Poor from the club to have not communicated or put anything up yet. Even more so for Charlton considering that it 2 days away!


According to the Charlton website it’s the scabby stand behind the goal…


I was on about Gills, Charlton is behind the goal 100%


Wouldn’t bother with Gillingham then if that’s the case, don’t do open end stands I’m afraid (unless the fixture is in August or May)

Shame as their ground looks decent apart from that atrocity and I’d like to tick it off eventually.


It’s not too bad. As long as it doesn’t rain. If it’s cold you can wrap up!

I’m skipping it this year in favour of the Welsh League Cup Final :joy:


Brilliant post from JK Saddler, nail on the head.

I first started watching Walsall in 2008 so guess I qualify for the lost decade bit. TBH I just enjoy going to new away grounds and watching a more pure game of football than at top level but yeah pretty boring decade apart from 15/16 and the trip to Wembley.

Even the 06/07 and the rebirth of the team in league 2 was more exciting than many of the seasons in league one. Worry this time is with state of the club they’d drop to league 2 and stay there for a good few years…or even worse.


Going to start composing an email / letter to the club tonight. What subjects would people like to be brought up?


When is Bonser selling up ?

  1. When is Bonser selling up
  2. Simplified, easier, cheaper ticket pricing, that attracts support
  3. Toilet facilities fit for 21st century
  4. Catering facilities fit for 21st century
  5. More turnstiles open, more catering staff
  6. Club shop that actually works and doesn’t just sell tat
  7. Better communication and relationship with supporters
  8. Vision for the club
  9. Bonser exit strategy
  10. Chips


what are the club’s plan’s regarding the matchday pricing , kiosk’s , Bar’s , toilet issue’s , and trying to generate new blood at the ground i.e supporter’s or even better new ownership


put much better than me mate but to the same end :grin:

  1. Rent reduction
  2. Price Bonser wants


Posters have already tried writing to the club and have also let them know about posts of this nature, I love the gesture but it is a complete waste of time. This has all been discussed in ‘chips in the lower’ and various times previously - they don’t give a toss!


Club shop stock. None of the replica kits have been in stock online in large for a while.


Know what you’re saying funk but someone has to keep trying to get the message home we as supporters are ■■■■■■ off with the whole setup


When is Bonser and brother waving goodbye
When will Gamble and Mole develop a backbone.
What season will we generate real ambition
When will we play in white tops, red shorts and white socks.
When’s jimmy coming back.
What areas of Cyprus does Bonser recommend for a holiday
When will Bonser’s wife smile instead of frown.


Persistence will pay off. Eventually. Whenever that might be!


The only thing that will work is a vociferous, raucous and sustained protest that upsets the whole clubs foundations. Northing is more frightening to a bunch of suits that a working class mob…

But Walsall fans don’t want to know! When a head of steam is built up the Board pulls the wool over the majorities eyes again - and we are back to square one. Those that are truly ■■■■■■ off drift away and the movement becomes less powerful overall.


There’s a termination window in 10 years