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Walsall FC - My View


Comparative pricing structures. See my opening post on Chip In the Lower section thread entitled “here we go again. Why do we make it so hard?”.as a comparison bewtween Albion and Walsall both in terms of simplicity and cost.

I think that leads to a conversation about the pricing point strategy both in terms of March Early Bird and the pay on the day experience. It also leads to the philosophy of Category A and Category B games which, whilst looking to rinse away fans for a few more quid actually harms our home support.

Good luck Rob. I expect a standard response from whatever you write which will be a balance between deflection (we’ll speak to the owner, it’s the police), self justification (our free football for children) and patronisation (your support is really really really important to us).

Hope I’m wrong. I really do.


You could ask:
Why the board, apart from Bonser, are so spineless and not doing anything to change what is currently happening at the club.
What is the point of the board when they’re only yes men.
What is their plan to entice the thousand+ fans that they have lost over the last 2/3 seasons.
Why do they think that we are the pride of the midlands?
Why can’t they see that chips is the answer to the problems at WFC, Brexit and world peace?
Why did they appoint another inexperienced manager, apart from the view that it would appease fans?


Couldn’t agree more FHTF. I think there’s something in the nature of Walsall fans, and something about this situation that makes a real, uncomfortable protest scenario nigh on impossible. We’re a great bunch of supporters, so I’m not having a go here. But generally speaking what have we got to protest about? Those of us that detest the current situation and how it has arisen can hardly protest that Walsall are mid-table third division because that’s what we’ve always been! Very few people “get it”, not least because probably most of our fan base has never known anything other than the Bonser way and Bescot. We react to rubbish with black humour not shouting from the roof-tops. We appoint managers who immediately cite “the budget”, “the fan-base” etc as limiting factors in order to quite rightly protect themselves, and those that do show ambition like Dosh and Lee generally last about another month to six weeks in post. Going back to SWAG, that was a specific issue protest, much easier to get behind. We don’t really have one of those with this situation. We really need someone from outside the club to come and shake the situation up, and there doesn’t seem to be anyone out there.

Its like a small country that’s had the same dictator for generations, we’re all living in Bonser’s box, and if you don’t like it “go and support…”, which unfortunately a lot of young fans in Walsall seem to be doing.


Just send this thread and then ask them if they think there will be any fans left in 5 years.


I might :joy:


Geordie as ever makes a valid point.

Perhaps we should protest not simply to get Bonser Out but for more something more tangible/simpler. Such as, a rent reduction or better facilities.

None of this would be what we ultimately want, but it would be a start and it would perhaps get some of the issues into the public domain. Might not be the end of Bonser, but the beginning of the end…


Here’s a cunning plan that Baldrick would be proud of. Why not complain / put pressure on the owner of the football club regarding the facilities etc. and he could then threaten to withhold part / all of the rent from the landlord until it was sorted.


I know this bucks the trend a little but over the last few weeks i’ve struggled with the negativity at the Bescot. Spoke to a guy on the car park before the Boxing Day game. He was clearly upset over the Bradford performance and waxed lyrical over the faults of the club, board , manager and players. I told him before the season started if I told him were still 11th in the table and in the 3rd round of the FA cup . Where do fans honestly think we should be. Yes we all want better but history tells us we are a mid table 3rd tear team . Look at the top 6 this year, Sunderland, Portsmouth, Barnsley , Charlton, all ex Premier League clubs. A guy this weekend said we should be above teams like Luton, look at their CV, won every division apart from the top division, 1 League Cup win, 1 FA cup final, historically a million miles from us. We have no divine right to be in the top 6,anywhere around the top 10 we are punching above our weight. As for the ownership sure its not ideal. Every fan these days thinks their club should have a sugar daddy, like Solihul and Wolves. Sadly we don’t that’s life, at least the business is stable, cue Charlton, Bolton, Leyton Orient etc be careful what you wish for. I’m sure we all dream of winning 100 million on the lottery to take it off Bonsers hands but until that happens we have to accept his ownership is the only viable one at present. Personally although results havn’t been great this year I think the matches at Bescot have been good entertainment. The low crowds despair me although what the answer is to attract more people I don’t know. Sure I get people are annoyed about the owners but until there is a viable alternative I don’t think staying away , protest and anarchy is the way forward


Rent strike! Excellent idea.


Viable alternates? Here’s a few …

Lower the prices
Encourage an atmosphere
Improve the facilities
Stop making the club pay for repairs in a ground we don’t own
Reunite the club and the ground
A rent break for a couple of seasons
Pump a bit of money into the club
Be ■■■■■■■ honest with us fans. Where did the Rico, Bradshaw and Pato money go?
… I could go on.

I won’t be back until Bonser ■■■■■ off or changes his ways. I get the impression you’d rather blame the fans than the owner :roll_eyes:


Just continuing the same season after season will not improve the club , and will not make me want to keep excepting mid table third division football , i want to see us as a club grow , and get bigger just as some of the other clubs have done


Well this site will be empty soon as most of its posters seem to stopping coming to matches. Draw that to the attention of the Club and they will immediately go into panic mode and you will see Jeff dishing out instructions for a new communications strategy,telling DK to spend all the money from signings on the team and, telling Gamble to work out a new policy on pricing which will mean we will be a cheap as Rushall Olympic. Pigs might also fly!!!


I literally don’t see the point in this post.


Ah…the usual ‘be careful what you wish for’ , change is bad, stick with what you know, we’ll never be like Chelsea sound bites that litter these conversations.

Yep, how dare we consider the possibility of change. Walsall FC must remain in the early 1990’s Bescot bubble. Its the only option.

■■■■■ sake.



I don’t expect our club to be in the PL or even regularly in the championship, but I do expect it to not have to pay rent, invest in its future, its facilities etc… to have a sensible pricing policy and open dialogue with its fans. To have a vision and ambition and to ride the roller coaster of defeat and victory together.

I don’t expect my daughter to have stand in ■■■■ when going to the loo, whilst our owners pension gets bigger.


One other thing, in the 70’s and 80’s our Fellows Park posse numbered in excess of 25 family & friends in the cow shed. Over the years these 25 introduced others to the club, reckon by the millennium up to 75 supporters directly related to that cow shed group were dotted around the Bescot.

There were 3 there on Saturday, as far as I am aware.


For me, any protest will struggle because the issues surrounding the club just aren’t black and white.

It’s very easy for the club to defend itself from a lot of these criticisms. We are currently mid-table in the third tier, which is our natural place in the pyramid for pretty much our entire existence. Attendances are pretty much what they have been for the last 40-odd years. The club is on a sound financial footing and can always point to the likes of Stockport, Orient and Chesterfield as a ‘be careful what you wish for’ argument.

If you look at it with external eyes, it would be hard to see what all the moaning is about and I’m sure some people within the club think that way to.

But I get why people are so frustrated and feel it too. For me the sales of Fox and Dann are still a watershed moment. We had a genuine chance to return to the Championship then, but rather than roll the dice, Bonser decided to settle and it feels like that’s what we’ve been doing ever since.

It feels like the club’s ultimate priority is to stay in the black and deliver the rent cheque - what happens on the pitch is almost an irrelevance. I cringe when I think back to January 2016 and how we lauded the club for it’s “ambition” in not selling Bradshaw, Sawyers and co. If ever there was the time to take a risk and invest a little bit extra that was it, but no we were kissing the club’s feet for simply holding on to what it already had. Just shows how low our expectations had become!

Some people have managed to effect a bit of positive change from within the club, namely Dean Smith, but it all comes down to the organ grinder at the end of the day. Let’s not forget how desperate Smith was to leave, he knew that the lack of ambition at the top was always going to hold us back despite his good work.

What does the future hold? Sooner or later we will leave this division and the chances are its going to be through the back door not the front. If I had to make a prediction for the club’s fortunes I’d wager our destiny is to stop being a bog-standard third tier side and become a bog-standard fourth tier one.

Attendances will fall and the playing budget will drop accordingly (the rent must still be paid). The club will stay in the black and lament the fact that if it only had a few more fans it might be able to challenge for promotion to League One more often.

Walsall FC just desperately needs a change, someone with new ideas and a new direction. Someone who actually wants to run this football club with football as it’s main priority. It could easily all go tits up I know, but perhaps its better to burn out then slowly fade away?

But as others have said, the ownership situation makes the prospect of change seem almost impossible.


One thing is for certain " we will never be like Chelsea " I get the frustration but the only way to oust Bonser is to find another buyer. As I’m aware there isn’t one


Think again if you really think the club is up for sale without ludicrous conditions. Would you sell something that brings in £400k a year for an initial £250k investment?


Oh my God how a truer statement could ever be put forward …:clap: