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Don’t agree with this concept that we have to accept our ‘natural level’. Surely the point of any organisation in professional sport is to improve, adapt and succeed, whether to short or long term ambitions.

We’ve been told for a long time that a return to the Championship is Walsall FC’s ultimate ambition, how is this being realised?


At next fan meeting with Gamble/Mole or whoever I’d genuinely love the club to agree to publish a ten point plan on the website in detail as to the steps they’re taking to “return to the championship” as is usually the soundbite for the owner in his rare interviews.

It won’t because deep down it’s simply not true and really they are insulting the intelligence of the supporter by continually saying it.

As has been correctly said above a proper push for promotion in January 2016 would’ve resulted in more than Bryn Morris on loan (Hiwula came two months later when the season was starting to go off the rails).


Exactly. The subtext of everything Uncle Jeff and the rest of the board have always said is basically “we’re lucky to be where we are, aren’t we excellent at keeping us at lower-mid table League One level? Why would you not come along? You should be thankful, this is where we’ve always been so ergo this is all you should expect or be happy with. Come sign up for more next season! By the way, the prices have gone up a bit. #Believe

And they wonder why after 12 years of absolute stagnation and slow decline people are giving up paying their hard earned cash for season tickets as our expectations are gradually lowered by them. Try giving us a reason to bother, some hope. Football support is built on hope. Make some positive investment and action that for once isn’t the result last minute panicking that the rent might suffer (a la finally putting Whitney out of his misery and getting Keates). Stop doing little things to pacify us overnight. Ride the crest of a positive PR wave instead of just shoving the dummy in our mouths and then walking away and disappearing until it’s ■■■■■■■ up again. As @SaddlerHQ says above, what happened in Jan 2016 with a golden chance squandered summed why we will never speculate to accumulate anything at this club with the current leadership.

We pay our money and stand in the ■■■■■■■ down rain and freezing cold for the love and support of the club. And they can’t even be arsed to make the toilets decent.

The pessimist in me thinks it’s kind of too late. The slow strangulation has gone on for too long.


To be fair, I have never seen so little support for Bonser on these posts on here (where I think the majority of posters have a brain, unlike some Facebook groups), so maybe the tide is finally turning!

We just need to get this story out there. Radio Dingle, Express & Dingle; yes they give Bonser an easy ride, but then we don’t do enough as fans to challenge the well run club rhetoric ran out time and again by these media outlets.


Flattery will get you everywhere!!


What I’d add is during that period our neighbours were less than inspiring. Villa relegated, West Brom making up the numbers in the Premier League, Wolves & Birmingham ditto in the Championship. We’d have been the sole success story.

Now things have changed. Wolves are on course for a good Premier League finish, and West Brom, Birmingham, and Villa are having good-to-decent seasons and I’d expect at least one to get promoted. It’s a bad time to be doing badly.


Spot on. And there was a substantial amount of extra new TV revenue available from promotion that season to go along with derby fixtures against Wolves, Villa and Birmingham. But we blew it. Instead we merely hung on to our assets and the club made us feel as though that was a really big gesture from them worthy of so much praise. When you really think about it, it’s absolutely maddening. I’m sick of things that are par-for-the-course for most other clubs being treated as special events or acts of generosity by our leadership. (Like when we put a press release out about painting the bogs last summer - the same bogs that we’re currently drudging through ■■■■ on the floor in.)

We should have strengthened in January 2016 and really gone for it, it was a gift of a chance thanks to Smith. It was ours to lose in my opinion. But our penny-pinching ways took over yet again, and the outdated philosophy of never ever speculating to accumulate - a philosophy which ultimately is laid down by our dinosaur owner - took over yet again and we ultimately missed out by that one point. But hey ho, we’re still expected to commit a big chunk of our money for a new season ticket during the early bird campaigns every year! Even though the club won’t commit a single penny of any of theirs or make any such gamble themselves.


I don’t agree with you on this. If Smith had stayed we would have won promotion and if we hadn’t appointed O’Driscoll we would have won promotion. There is no proof whatsoever that bringing in fresh blood in January would have sealed the deal.I also don’t blame JB for appointing O’Driscoll…he looked the obvious choice with his experience. It was certainly a good chance lost but the reasons were more to do with managerial appointments than lack of resources.

  1. Any proof that the cheap/free ticket offer for the kids actually works and is securing younger fans for the long term? As dwindling crowds suggest that once they have to pay for a season ticket and not get any money back on the turnstile even they realise they aren’t getting value for money.

  2. Do board members live in houses with ■■■■ all over their bathroom floors and a flooded toilet or would they never put their families through that?
    So why is it acceptable to make fans (customers) put up with blocked loos and ■■■■ all over the floors every match day?

  3. Does the board really care what we think or are we an inconvenience to the bigger picture that is The Venue.


By way of a protest idea, why not mobilise support to attend away games and protest there?

For example Coventry Away on 16th February, local, loads of capacity etc… etc… if we really put our backs into it, could get a big group of fans there, support the team, not giving bonser a penny and unlikely to get a banning order for a load of Cypriot flags in the crowd away from home. Chant before and after the game Bonser out and jobs a good un.

Do the same a few weeks later at Burton.


Wether new signings would have got us up or not is kind of irrelevant. The point is that the club was in the position to genuinely challenge for promotion to the Championship, it’s apparent aim, for the first time in years but it didn’t go for it that transfer window.

No one expected us to go crazy, but if ever there was a time to roll the dice just a little bit that was it. Instead we barely invested at all and just started crowing about how we hadn’t sold any of our best players and like fools us fans lapped it up!

The balance sheet and rent come first. Even when we were in a real position of strength we wouldn’t take a risk in the hope of progressing.


I suppose you could say that uncle Jeff and his yes men aren’t taking the p–s out of us but actually giving it to us😳


:wink: something worth considering


I’ve stopped using the stadium suite for a pre match pint, its a shambles and the fact the club now allow anyone up there makes my DELIGHTED that the cost of my ST is used to subsidise other fans so they can use it. I now go to a pub and rock up at 10 to.

RE the protests - forlorn.

  • Less fans = Less turnover (rent is still paid).
  • Less turnover = less playing budget (rent is still paid)
  • Less playing budget = relegation (rent is still paid)

If the club had a turnover of 400k I doubt we’d pay the manager first.


Letter composed. Ready to go. If anybody wants to read it let me know your email address via DM and I’ll send it you.

Feedback welcomed, not expecting a great deal back from the club. Will send this evening.


One important question from me.

Does Bonser’s secret undersea lair really exist or is it just another myth to go with the club saviour one?


Precisely. It might have made no difference by why not break the habit of a lifetime and take a little bit of a risk to try and see us over the line? The potential prize money could have set us up nicely. But we won’t. Because whatever happened the rent was being paid so why bother?

Yet every March we’re expected to speculate ourselves and commit our money to an early bird season ticket because it ‘might’ be a good season #Believe #StrongerTogether. But it might not. It might be terrible. This is of course the risk taken with any purchase, not just football tickets. But when as a club we won’t taken even a slight chance on something (or even bother to make the facilities/experience up to the standard of bare minimum) then why should fans take a chance?

It’s just take take take from this club. And they have the gall to actually expect that we should sit down, be quiet and deal with it.


Excellent letter. Thanks.


I agree.


Exactly the same here. Group of 4 to 5 of us who used to use the Stadium Suite before every single game have now stopped because of the new arrangement.

Will be getting season tickets in the lower tier next season because of this change and will therefore be hitting the club directly in the pocket.