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Make sure you take wellies when you go for a ■■■■!


Thanks for the email

Well done Rob good letter

Just hope you haven’t wasted your time , and the club DO respond , and give some consideration & answers to the concerns you have brought to their attention , on the behalf of us the supporters. :+1:


Well done and thank you mate


Thanks for writing the letter, please DM me it.


Will send it later mate, out at the moment


Ping it to me as well please geezer? You got my email addy yeah?


Can you pigeon mail it me as well @RobHarv3y please ?
I will PM you my Carrier Pigeons name.


I wouldn’t mind seeing it also.

Can you DM it please @RobHarv3y



Me too @RobHarv3y cheers


@Miahtheflier, @funk_hits_the_fan it’s not allowing me to DM it as a file.


Brilliant letter well done and thank you @RobHarv3y We await their response - I hope your efforts weren’t in vain.


Excellent letter, thank you for doing it


Just out of interest @RobHarv3y are you planning to contact any of the local media to give our grievances a bit more exposure and wider audience?

All for the letter but at same time expecting the club to fob off as per usual.

Maybe a better angle would be to get the Express and Star involved (Birmingham Mail is waste of time as they don’t even include a Walsall match report in the pull out on a Monday now, Solihull gets one now) and little needs to be said for WM…

I do find when I talk to locals in the Midlands who’ve been Walsall game in last 5-10 years as neutrals the perception is Walsall are a well run club and Bescot is tidy little ground.

Start off small by making E&S aware of how bad the bogs are getting which would I’m sure embarrass the club into making some quick improvements I’m sure and then slowly the perception of Walsall being one of the better lower league clubs is slowly erased.


Yeah and then maybe they’ll knock the rest of the ground down and build a decent one .

Sorry just feeling a little ■■■■■■ off with the whole club at the moment


Me too please, Rob @RobHarv3y. contact@upthesaddlers.com


@simon why you linked the comment to Rob i’m not quite sure …:rofl:


I will speak to a few people :wink:


It’s a good job the club ( or should i say Fans) has people like yourself and certain ones on here that represent us as fans who don’t have the know how or the time or who can be arsed to bother , a massive hats off to you :clap::clap::clap:


Sent to you mate.


Sent you a PM Rob.