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Why are people talking through me …:rofl:


Think things have got lost somewhere :sweat_smile:


think @simon must be on the pre new year drinks already …:rofl:


Very good letter Rob. Well done mate. Hope it receives the level of respect and response it deserves…doesn’t hold breath


Letter sent to Dan and Stef initially. Just now. I’ll update on the response as/when/if I get one.


Just before the early bird last season, I was contemplating renewing massively as I was losing interest under Whitney and stopped going to as many away games, but there was one thing that made me renew and that was only because if I didn’t, I’d have nothing else to do on a Saturday :smile:

Home games are getting rather boring now, I used to love going into the supporters club before games and the Stadium Suite doesn’t have the same effect.

As for the 2016 season, we were crying out for abit of quality in January, Evans was recalled and went to Reading for around 150k, why we didn’t put any sort of bid in for him I don’t know, he made us tick in midfield and if he would have stayed, we would have gone up and the same goes for Pennington because if he would have stayed he would have most likely played in the play offs over Downing, who was awful in the play offs. And as for Bradshaw, he was our only out and out striker and with his injury record and the amount of games we played that year, we needed a back up striker and we made two signings that January, Bryn Morris who replaced Evans and Josh Wakefield, who both made a combined minutes on the pitch of about 3. So yet again there was no ambition from the club apart from keeping what we had instead of building on what we had.


They were resupplied mid December and I got one (away green strip).


Hope something comes of the letter.

Unfortunately, I don’t think anything major will change until we are rid of Bonser. He’s the big issue at the club, and the reason we have been stagnant for so long.

I’ve said it a few times, but I think the next break clause in the lease on the stadium is in 10 years time - I think this represents our best hope of wresting back control. It gives us as fans time to fund-raise and get organised.


Phil, when the owner of the club, the stadium and the land is the same, there’s no leverage. Even if uncle Jeff falls off his perch there’ll be that stumbling block.

Blofeld should sell the club to the Trust for what he paid for it.


Bonser has survived much worse than this, the aftermath of The Dann and Fox fiasco for example.
A few crumbs may drop from the table, otherwise it will be “as you were”.


I’m not really saying there is any leverage - just that a focal point (like the next break clause) might focus minds a little, perhaps even mark a line in the sand. Ideally, a fans-led consortium to buy enough shares in the club to have control and then move away.

I know the above is fanciful, but it’s the only way I can see to break the status quo.

If we rely on nature to take its course, we could well end up in a worse situation where his family are de facto owners, but have even less interest in the club than JB, but continue running it in the same vein.


Brilliant letter Rob and well done.
We await the reply !!!


5 points off relegation


Will be a decent transfer window then if past form is anything to go by.

The one truth Mole/Gamble spoke at the fan summit last January is that the club would really struggle now if it went down to league 2 so it will be avoided at all costs…more so than actually trying to get promoted as sad as it is.


I am a bit late but would you be able to send it to me as well? I’ve contacted them in the past and basically got fobbed off.

Ticket pricing structure is one of the biggest problems. Went with my sister and kids over the new year and there was a massive issue of cost for them. They told me most of their friends go to Wolves now because its basically the same price and a much higher standard. Sad times.


Will send it over on my lunch break mate. DM me your email address again just in case, ta.


Email received back from Dan Mole, confirming receipt of letter. He says he will discuss this with Stefan upon his return from annual leave.

Those who have messaged this morning - I will send you the letter on my lunch break just after 1pm

Protest at Bolton

In my opinion, Bonser thinks it can be done on the cheap like Sir Ray did - doesn’t seem to realise that lightning rarely strikes twice!!


Or that football has moved forward 20 years!



Interesting reading on Tranmere who seem to have got the loving feeling back. Their average crowd is over 1,000 more than ours this season and they have also have bigger clubs on the doorstep.