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Walsall FC - My View


I disagree I think he could be assassinated :joy:


I agree with all of the bit I selected there.

On tomorrow, it wouldn’t bother me if we didn’t hear our owners name all day. An FA Cup tie in January - the fans and management/players deserve a day we can just enjoy. And that’s what it is all about.


Just thinking about it. Instead of waiting until the end of January for the club to respond, I will give them until the end of next Sunday. That’s more than enough time to have a sit down and answer properly.


Lincoln City best example in recent times of a team on hard times who’ve rengaged with their community and are now getting nearly 10k on a regular basis in league 2. Also had that great cup run the other year which has given them a very good budget.

My betting would be they’ll be above Walsall in the football pyramid this time next season.


Blackpool fan protesting on top of the Arsenal coach today.

That’s a protest.


Wasn’t that just Karl Oyston sunbathing again?:wink:

Have to credit Blackpool fans here, I thought many of them would quietly drop their boycott to watch Arsenal play but fair play hardly any home fans in to watch Blackpool tonight.

Horrible what’s happened to them.


Remember this …


What’s the betting that there will be a similar tweet promising this, that and the other just before early bird tickets go on sale.


Fan zone has been a huge hit to be fair. Hundreds there early every week. Or is that what the ticket queue is?


Thank god the toilet floors were painted. Alot nicer to walk on when wading through ■■■■ and ■■■■.


As @RobHarv3y says, give it until Sunday. I think now is a perfect time to get wheels in motion. I’m going to find contact details for those at Blackpool just for a few tips, I’m sure they’ll be helpful. It’s time to ‘drain the swamp’.


As discussed with @RobHarv3y, moving this to the other category.



Both - just seen the trust official twitter feed say something like “just back from holiday, working party meeting on Monday. Any issues?”

Twitter obviously doesn’t allow for for a 10,000 word response (obviously that just the edited version). Is there a mechanism by which the Trust can be alerted to the multitude of issues raised in this thread and elsewhere?


I’ve DM’d you P.T.


My two penneth. The friendly approach has been tried time and time again.

If what you really want is to get Bonser out - if that’s your aim - then you need to get nasty and personal (within the law obviously).

Stop this namby pamby “death of the club” nonsense, it doesn’t wash with a bloke who think he’s the saviour. Tell him to ■■■■ off in no uncertain terms. It might cause short term pain but would be worth it


Don’t worry, irons in the fire and all that :wink:


Brilliant name change for the group @simon - I can see that being an excellent name for the whole campaign


Can’t tell if you’re joking or not…


No not joking at all! Its perfect and every Walsall fan will immediately know what it refers to.


Saturdays home game should be the start of a prolonged period of protest no mater what the scoreline be
Prior to kick off. Half time and again on the full time whistle
Fans should be encouraged. Via this site, vital Walsall , and wfhys to boycott every revenue stream whilst up there, to include stadium suite, bescot bar, club shop, kiosks etc everyone needs to be united
The trust should also come out and back this course of action , nothing will grab bonsers attention quicker than a large drop in revenue over a long period of time
There’s a working party meeting on Monday at 3 pm
The club should be made aware by whoever attends on behalf of trust, what is planned and like I say should inform club the actively support it,
The point of no return is fast aproaching , and action against what we are witnessing and being expected to accept needs taking , It’s eithier put up or shut up time for fans now,
Take action and force change, or sit back and await the inevitable. It,s as simple choice as that, and I know what course I will be following