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Walsall FC - My View


I agree. Like @chunkster has stated elsewhere, I am also happy to be a sacrificial lamb for the cause; I have no desire to attend while Jeff runs the club I love for his family’s benefit alone - so any worry of bans for me personally is redundant.


Well worth a read (by @Thanatos)

As is this. (by @RobHarv3y)


Rob’s letter has been shared across the UTS social channels now. Appreciate it if members can share, like, retweet etc.

Still awaiting a reply from WFC.


Share, like, retweet?

Happy to write a letter if that helps :smile:

Could manage an e-mail :wink:


Much appreciated! :email:


I reckon Welsh would volunteer to send a telegram :smile:


Morse code :joy:


its been shared to walsall fans have your say.as much as we take the ■■■■ i know for a fact there is a lot of diehard fans on that page who have gone home and away for years and still do might be a benefit with any protests planned?


Semaphore… :joy:


Carrier pigeon!!


:thinking:Smoke signals?..:smile:


Interestingly, the letter may have generated some small actions already - having clicked on the store links to the two items of ‘tat’ as described by Rob, both links are now ‘dead’…


Still there under the ‘Popular Products’ heading! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:



I myself have purchased 30 copies of 07/08 highlights part 1, and 6 copies of Edrissa Sonko’s autobiography. The dog doesn’t like its bed to be directly on the cold floor so its a way to prop it up a bit.


To be fair, I’d buy Sonko’s autobiography.

Have you purchased a high-quality high viz drawstring bag?


Are they still flogging those awful curtains and duvet covers from the mid 90s?


cringe.how old is this tat and they wonder why they get such negativity from the fans who the ■■■■ is going to buy that ■■■■?


I think the point is that the tone from the top has trickled down to the playing side.
Low budget=Low quality football (playing staff and management)


West Ham pay the tax payer £1.5m Rent per annum for a 7 year old, 60,000 seater stadium with excellent onsite facilities in London.

We pay our owners pension fund £450k Rent per year for the Bescot. Go figure.


Or as Bonser might say “Go swivel”.