Walsall FC - My View


Rent equating to £50 per seat (or £100 per attendee based on average attendance) per season at Bescot compared to £25 per Happy Hammer.

We should expect heated seats, plenty of leg room and chicken curry and rice with a beer and a follow-on machiato with home made shortbread delivered to our seats for that rate! :grinning:

Plus some bogs that are better than a 1960s Bulgarian motorway service station.


Where have you encountered such luxury? :open_mouth::laughing:


I recently went to Bulgaria and was impressed by the general amenities and cleanliness of the average service station convenience.


I went in 2005 and was also impressed, I ended up buying a piece of land in between 3 golf courses thinking it would make me thousands :see_no_evil:


Probably made you thousands of Lev. :wink:


You just need a few holes in it then and a couple of flags …:golfing_man::rofl:


Bout time the leech stood down and did us all a favor.money grabbing git. hes got no interest in the club only dollar signs


I did once express my opinion to a member of staff in the club shop that I thought the ‘recreational’ gear was dated and of poor quality. ‘Its what Walsall people want’ was her reply. I kept my cash in my pocket and have done ever since.


Can you stop with the personal abuse please…:roll_eyes:


Yes I imagine most leeches would find the comparison with bonser offensive