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Walsall FC - My View


Who did he kill? :joy::wink:


After recent performances I’m regretting asking him :stuck_out_tongue: last time he was at the Bescot he was 4 and we were in the family stand god knows what he’ll make of what’s going on now. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think your £10 million is a little over the top but your general point is taken. All I was trying to point out was that JB did not instigate the move from Fellows Park and took over when Bescot was being developed. It was a struggle at first…you may recall we had to sell Rimmer to pay the wages and the Council gave the Club a loan to keep us afloat.Gates were really low…I remember being at some games when there were just over 2,000 there. The opportunity to buy the freehold came along and JB took it. I wonder what I would have done in the same circumstances? I hope I would have lent the money to the Club to buy the freehold but perhaps advice was given that in the parlous nature of the finances that was not the right thing to do. Anyway what happened has led to the mess we are in and JB needs to find an exit strategy. I agree that it turned out to be a really shrewd investment and therefore I think that JB needs to think about his legacy when he finally goes. If he does the right thing then he may still go with some respect intact.
Going back to the original post on this thread we certainly need a change in leadership as soon as possible. I cannot wait to see the first gate after he goes…it should be around 10,000 judging by the posts on here from people who have stopped coming!!!


Wheldon came in to save the club after Ron Harrison undid all the good work of his dad Bill and although I was against the move to Birmingham and was a member of SWAG we might not have a club today without his contribution.


Presumably the Bonser family take on ownership of the ground, once Uncle Jeff goes to the big pension fund in the Sky. So would suggest a rent increase and even worse toilets would perhaps be inevitable.


The mid- late 70’s were actually a good time to be a Walsall fan, weren’t they? We never got promotion , but were often in now what is a play-off position,and had some great cup runs. Add to that we were paying some good money for decent signings,while able to sneer at our cash-strapped neighbours that we were actually making a profit. Things went bad at the end of his tenure,but Wheldon has been treated unfairly by history,IMO.


I’ve somehow forgotten to mention the best thing about that period. We had THE BUCK.


Like a Spoons.


I think the decision to seperate the freehold might have been done originally with the best of intentions. There were a lot of sharks circling football clubs at the time. Wrexham’s problems,I think ,go back to when one of those sharks thought the Racecourse Ground would make a better supermarket than a football club.

Trouble is,times move on and we’re stuck with that covenant. For one thing "fit and proper " tests are much stricter now than they were then.


Just a small point of order there WalsallOne. According to the club’s own official history of the move from Fellows Park to Bescot. Although Jeff Bonser didn’t own Walsall Football Club at this time, it was his involvement (in 1988), during a review of the club’s position following the collapse of Ramsden’s empire, that lead directly to the “resurrection” of the plan to move to Bescot. Its at this point that we see the incorporation of Denglen (the “developer”), and Davonmanor (the vehicle used to acquire the majority shareholding of Walsall FC). Three years later, when both companies went into receivership on the same day (neither ever having filed accounts) Uncle Jeff acting as an individual, acquires the majority shareholding from the wreckage of Davenmanor, and his SIPP acquires the lease of Bescot from the administrators of Denglen (remembering at this time, Severn Trent Property LTD were steadfastly refusing to sell the freehold). It was several years later, in 1995, long after Jeff had “saved the club” - TWICE!, that the freehold suddenly became available for purchase. In 1995 Walsall FC were doing very nicely thankyou. We were winning promotion, had lots of saleable playing assets (Lightbourne, O’Connor, Houghton to name but three) and had had a lucrative FA Cup run early that year. The land registry shows that the freehold was bought by JB’s pension fund for £200k at this point. According to the club’s own history every avenue was perused with a view to financing the purchase of the lease and the freehold, but it was financially beyond the club at this time. Believe of that what you will, but I don’t recall any mention at the time of any attempts to reunite the club with the freehold. Such a pivotal moment in the club’s history would surely have made the press?? We could have had a campaign, maybe involving the supporters club, who around that time paid £40k to enable the permanent signing of Martyn O’ Connor, or even other local businessmen…or the council…or whoever.
No there was nothing as I recall, JB’s SIPP bought it, as that was the only option!!


Geordie, good points and I did point out that they had took millions out when he said they don’t have milllions to invest.

Sorry but like the accounts we see JWB does what suits him. I can’t believe anything was done for the best intentions of the club, only one person (family) and I hate it.

My club is dying

And to think I could see this coming with the leech, the amount of arguments I have had over the last 15 years about the leech and certain people defending him.
If he wants a legacy (and of one moment I don’t think he gives a toss) he should find a way of gifting the land back to the club.


That’s very intersting. I’m not sure what the full implications are, but you seem to be saying that Bonser benefited from the collapse of a company which he ,himself,was heavily involved in.

As you say,probably a small point now. It can all be dismissed as "all a long time ago " but it does,if true, make the "saviour " claim a little less tenable.


200k in 1995 was the inflation-indexed equivalent of 435k in 2017. So we pay a yearly rent roughly equivalent to the original purchase price. This is what always seems so disgraceful to me - effectively a 100% annual return.
And then to now value the land at how many millions it’s supposedly “worth” is the icing on the cake (for JB) if not for anyone else who cares about the football club.


Going to leave this going until after the Luton game tomorrow and then I’ll send a message to the club urging them to take a look (like they haven’t already…). Like someone said, standard response back will be received but it’s the point. Never expected such a response to be honest, so glad I posted it now. There’s still so much i’m fuming about that I didn’t say originally that doesn’t even touch the surface in comparison to some of the stuff that’s been laid out here.


Something about the Boxing Day game has reverberated among supporters, Rob - you’ve proved a bit of a catalyst!


An interesting piece from our friends at Vital Walsall well worth a read, also:


Viva la revolución and all that…

I’m glad. The atmosphere was horrendous and everything wrong (probably not EVERYTHING) about the club was shown within the 3-ish hours people
were there!


Mentioned it last week but Darryl Eales recently invested with another person in Solihull Moors and they’re having a good season. Local guy who grew up in Hall Green.

Was Oxford United chairman last five years. I don’t know the ins and outs of their finances but what i do know is they went from mid table league 2 to top half of league 1 during his time.

If Bonser was really serious that’s someone who could surely have been sort out with eventual takeover a few years down the line.


The only thing that he is serious about is taking as much as he can out of the club without giving anything back.


My 11 year old daughter said to me on Boxing Day “why are the toilets so disgusting?”

We were in the OAP stand behind the dugouts & paid best part of her £25 for her ticket.

Joke! Just imagine what £440k could do for our facilities.