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Walsall FC - My View


part of it has bought a very nice house in shareshill a helicopter and a very nice villa in Cyprus


Bet the bog is great there too!


corrected that for ya :wink:




The best part is we pay just shy of £500k p/a on rent and we have the privilege of having to pay for upkeep/repairs.

Our Mighty Saviour.


So as landlord he does sweet FA

And as owner he does sweet FA, (other than pocket the cash on our undisclosed transfer fees)

No vision, no direction, no investment & no communication


Disagree, the long term goal as is continually repeated is to get the club back into the championship.

The problem is there is next to no information on how this apparent aim is actually going to happen!

An increase in budget is obviously not going to happen. I’ve said before but one year I’d like to see the 50:50 budget split between first team/youth readjusted and so it’s a ratio of something like 70:30 to first team. Maybe that could make a difference as I’m sure a year or two in the championship and all the extra revenue would improve the youths a fair bit.

I naively thought the club were on to something when they gave Smith time to build up the club and he was on course to deliver Championship football. Turns out Smith is that rare breed of Manager who actually has a clue what he’s doing as we all saw the results when the club just thought another internal appointment in Whitney could do the same and pretty much the DNA put in place was wiped out within a year.

The problem for the club is when that happens and the on pitch results are mediocre all eyes turn back to the rent issue.


I personally don’t think that eyes should be DIVERTED from the rent issue whatever results on the pitch.


I always think Bonser is having a chuckle at that song being played and thinking what mugs all the attendees are!


Honestly wouldn’t be surprised…


Bonser is the puppet master!


That’s just it Geordie, the few millions are not the clubs wealth… it’s the Bonsers personal wealth and the majority of that money only goes one way… unless they’re loaning a bit to the club… usually for ventures which benefit more rent increases or other incomes for the landlords (themselves!). :thinking:


Rob; this is a brilliant post and responses on here add to a really engaging thread.

I don’t know where we are going as a club. Token gestures are made time after time to engage the fans but reality is, they don’t really care. Turn up, pay your money (a bit extra for some matches (don’t get me started on that!!)), shut up and enjoy.

My problem is I don’t know how to give up - I love this club with my heart. They were cited on my divorce. My son is named after Matty Fryatt. I’m getting up tomorrow, driving 270 miles round trip to get my son and be back for kick off. But when I take him now, I can see it in his eyes that he isn’t enjoying it - he’s there out of obligation to me.

The club know that they have us by the short and curlies as a football supporter is a “customer” whose custom is guided by love, not sense. We are taken for mugs.

I’ve repeatedly said to Dan Mole how other clubs have working parties in the summer to assist with maintaining the ground - I’m sure a fair few would give an afternoon to do a bit of painting/cleaning: it is our home. But what happens - nothing. And woe betide you if you criticise - some very touchy people at the top.

The other problem we have is that people are worn out by the fight - Daz Fellows, Steve Stuart, Mark Jones, Richard Hall, Phil Sturgess, Dave Roe to name a few have had a go at affecting change but all faced the immovable object that is Jeff Bonser, immovable because of the situation he created and those who surround him.

I’ve thoroughly depressed myself now!


That post actually moved me @deanonev69, you are just the supporter that the club rely on to turn up pay your money and accept whatever they throw at you, if you still enjoy it mate then carry on going and enjoy with your lad, but be sure that us cynics will be fighting for a better future for you and the club :wink:


My husband has just said that if the toilets are in such a state then surely this is a health and safety issue and would environmental health at the council be interested. It is a public venue and certain standards have to be upheld. Perhaps someone on here would know if it is worth a call to them. I have reported the toilets in the community stand twice and we still have leaks in there. The facilities are disgraceful.


You’ve said it yourself. " Bonser is a leech" arguments don’t work,don’t gain momentum. It may well be that we have to argue taking at least some of his claims at face value,however sceptical you are privately. Accept best of intentions, but highlight how the set up is now an anachronism. Accept the saviour myth,but point out he now leaves the future uncertain. Something more creative is needed.


Accept the saviour myth? That what he wants.

To be uncharitable, certain business entities got set up, we moved grounds, certain business entities got wound up (without filing accounts), and all of a sudden Jeefus Christ is our saviour? Massive stretch. The people that know this are the ones that have mostly walked away, but the new crowd decline is because Jeefus thinks a couple of loaves and fishes is all that is needed, and has no transformation skills. Utter dinosaur. No wonder his bog handle company failed. How convenient.


No. What he wants is for the saviour myth to still be relevant. That is easier to challenge than the history.


Good piece. The comment from " Alan" at the bottom was interesting. Talk about missing the point. A successful club depends on a steady flow of new fans replacing older ones . Young people today aren’t attracted by the prospect of a 70’s retro experience. Even the good experiences he uses as evidence are a decade and more ago.


[quote=“WSTFC, post:1, topic:1958, full:true”]
After today’s performance I’ve seriously had enough of the shambles that my football club has become.

Let me start off with today’s game. Whatever the attendance was (5069 or something), it actually felt like nobody could be arsed to be there, from the fans to the players, the bar staff to the stewards. This all filters from the top of the club, and I find it truly disgusting how little they all care. Yes, they give it lip service and lots of people fall for it time after time, but in reality they just carry on as usual. It felt like people were there just because today - players too. It’s all well and good them apologising for a crap performance but instead of talking about it, go and put it right. Talking gets you nowhere.
Also, can we stop introducing us as ‘The Pride of the Midlands - The Super Saddlers’, especially when we run back out for the 2nd half and we are losing. It’s embarassing. We aren’t even the pride of Walsall ffs.

Squad wise - poor. Keates needs at least 3 transfer windows to sort out the mess we are in at the moment properly, and so far he’s had one. You could argue that if you include Roberts, our back 5 today were all last season’s too. We were bad defensively then, so it’s no surprise we are bad defensively now. We’ve had a decent start to the season and everybody got their hopes and expectations raised to levels that weren’t ever going to be sustainable. The simple fact is that we are lucky if we stay in League One again (I hate that this is the way it is, but it is), and again this isn’t helped in any way by those at the top.

Moving on to the food/drink outlets in the stadium - absolute shambles. Today, and not for the first time, I went to get me and my Dad something to eat from the kiosk, about 25 minutes from kick-off. “Sorry, we don’t have any pasties” followed swiftly by “oh we don’t have any Balti Pies either”. Shocked - no. Amazed at how ■■■■ this function is - Yes. Why can’t we have a selection of food and drink readily available to consume when we are likely to want it? If it’s not kiosks selling out downstairs, it’s the bar areas. Not enough staff, queues too big, prices are decent enough for a football ground, but so many people every week (today included) don’t bother when the queue gets so big. A missed opportunity of £1000’s every time. Again, the decision makers here need to sort it out. You’re told to email Dan Mole or whoever else who will pass your comments on to Mr or Mrs whoever, but nothing is done about it.

Next up, ticket prices. I have a season ticket, so individual ticket prices have no bearing on me personally, but I’m led to believe today was a Category A game. Excuse me, what? Why does anybody need different priced tickets based on who we are playing? Policing costs are a cop out. There’s a whole thread on ticketing but we need to simplify it and potentially try adding other brackets of ticket holder (student/NHS/forces; Under 22’s; etc.), to maximise people coming through the gate. I know we give tickets to schools etc, but where are the tangible results of that? Walsall seem to have an ageing fan base with not many youngsters coming through - similar to our youth team if you will.
If it’s cheaper for kids / young adults to watch better quality football at similar prices, it’s not hard to work out where they’re gonna go.

The club has gone so far backwards in recent years it’s untrue. There’s so much more I could go on about - competitions ran and winner selection, stewards (or the lack of), or the utter contempt those at the top have for us fans amongst others.

The way this club is ran from the top downwards proves that we are nothing but an income to them, and they will continue to treat us like ■■■■ because we will keep going.

I’ve been to every single game this season bar Fleetwood (a) and the Checkatrade games, and I’m sure many have done the same or maybe more, but what thanks do they ever get?

If I don’t get banned, I’ll carry on going to the home games for the rest of this season because i’ve paid for them, but I won’t put myself out doing all of the away games as I have been doing. I’ll pick and choose. As another poster has said recently, in different words, it just ain’t the same at Walsall
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