Walsall FC reaffirms commitment to supporter communication

I thought it was another post from the phantom scammer account

Then saw the waffle and knew it was official

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Criticising the club for lack of communication then moan about it when they do.

If it was proposed that Boycott would call round personally to give updates, someone would complain it better not be on Thursday cos its darts night.


Yes, that’s what reaffirms means.


Any reaffirment of commitment can only be a good thing in my book.


Appalling judgement by Trivela compounded by the appointment of Sadler.

I know right, strange club we have imagine reaffirming there communication channels and possible future communication channels amid fans voicing there concerns at the “lack” of communication from club.


Who is really arsed?

They can scrap the communication strategy if it focuses more attention on delivering a successful team as far as I am concerned. It’s not like we get loads of detailed and inside information from the club anyway.

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Yea let’s get rid of em all

Imagine STILL not understanding skepticism at what comes out of this football club :joy:

Word for word what was in the video. Still no explanation for why the “improved communication” includes dropping the promised forums from 3 to 2.

Yea just imagine ,

Genuinely can’t :man_shrugging:

The “they” that said that was LP BEFORE the Trivela takeover was announced, not BB afterwards - and it was in a directed personal letter not an open statement to all fans. Pomlett also talked about monthly videos whereas Boycott has said they’d be (at least) quarterly.

Don’t see how you can berate someone for breaking a “promise” (was it one?) that they never actually made themselves. :thinking:

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Nope. Was at Boycotts first forum. They also claimed they would be at prearranged intervals to prevent them being accused of only holding them when things were going well, if you really want to hold them to their word.

I know, I asked the question myself. If you’re going to be an apologist at least stick to facts. “Berate” :joy:


So Boycott said that himself did he?

Yep, reaffirmed it after Pomlett. Personally asked myself. Boycott was the one who said they’d be scheduled ahead of time.

I welcome Ben reaffirming the club’s commitment to supporter communication and look forward to when it is not only affirmed but actioned as another example of the many ways Trevila have improved off-field activities.

Words speak louder than actions.

Not many businesses have direct consumer feedback groups (in our case ISSA and the Trust) at hand to gauage the temperature of contentment among a customer base. To not actively engage with the trust or ISSA is a really strange decision for them to take.

I guess its pombear lead as he has grievance with ISSA after minute-gate, shows hes a bit petulant doesnt it.