Walsall FC Rewind

Dear God, I think some of you must lie awake at night thinking up things to be angry about. It’s an in-house video, what did you expect? Clearly something to froth pointlessly about. We are down here for a good stay as I’ve said repeatedly since relegation. Either we spend money on better players, sort out the academy or get lucky. I hope it’s not the latter we rely on, again…


Keeping the cash from the sausage rolls :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

That made me laugh

Fk me anyone would’ve thought we won the league, literally can’t even be arsed to listen to that.

A bang average forgettable season

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Watched first 5 minutes, got bored. Not angry, just decided to ‘change channels’: we are all masters of our domain, to quote Seinfeld, out of context.



I take my hat off to anyone who got through the whole thing. I lasted to four minutes ,and that was at 1.25 speed. Corporate PR guff. I’m not sure anyone was even supposed to watch it all.


What worries me is the nagging feeling that the whole club, from top to bottom, honestly believes Sadler’s bullshit and they think we were unlucky last season and “very close to being a successful club in this division”.

The self delusion is worrying.


Patience has evaporated now. If we start badly, he has no excuses.


Things will turn quickly if we start badly. Hope we don’t :crossed_fingers:

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Just watched it and honestly can’t understand what people hear compared to what they thought they heard.

The brains cognitive desire to focus on the negative has absolutely over ridden all objectivity and confirmation bias absolutely rules!!!

I thought it was an enjoyable watch and I didn’t need or want to read too much into any of it.


It was dreadfully boring. Sadler uses the same old clichés

‘The Group’
‘Building something’

Over and over again it’s cringeworthy and embrassing

Trust me you’d be bored stiff if he talked in detail about anything. You’re f*cked when I do it!

Your posts are long, monotonous and boring.

Because you’re lost on sentence 1…which is why Sadler dumbs things down and repeats himself for you.

The trouble with these type of interviews between Tom and MS … It’s the same ’ in house’ questioning by Tom and his side kick that pees me off.

No real searching questions about anything …

They are employed by the club and will obviously follow a guide line of questioning that can not be deviated from.

Don’t ask any leading questions or you’ll find yourself in hot water type questions we want to ask as fans.

I get it, if it pees you off don’t watch them, but as a fan you can’t help yourself, well I can’t anyway, as I’m constantly hoping it’s going to be some good news or something else good, and 9 times out of 10 it’s just meh …


Would really love to see the guys from the yellow ribbon or one pod beyond to interview MS. Getting fans who have great podcasts doing it would actually get some questions that the fans want


Just finished watching. Good god that was hard work. Had to watch it in 3 or 4 bitesize pieces, as the droning, monotone waffle just cuts right through me.

Wish i’d took the advice of some of you guys on here and not bothered. Utter twaddle.

To be fair to MS though, the other two clowns are just as boring and are proper arse lickers.

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Walsall fc intrerviewer Tom heslop really gets on my nerves tbh . I know he must toe the line but he must read UTS and social media and realize he must change things up a bit if he ever wants to further his career.


Self delusional tripe. Another season about to be wasted

I can’t watch the stuff he puts out. It’s been terrible ever since Dale Moon left. He has no personality. His ideas are piss poor. His videos look terrible. His horrible droning voice just gets on my nerves. The quality is borderline embarrassing at times.

They are missing a trick not getting someone else better in. A good, creative social media presence is so important nowadays. We’ve gone backwards