Walsall FC set to Furlough


That seems sensible. We are a small business who can’t trade for this period and who probably couldn’t make it through to the other side without help.

And furloughing everybody, including players is a far better and fairer answer than the “non playing staff” solution sought by some.


Have to say that I’m disappointed that JollyJohnny has not given clear direction on this with respect to the Prediction League.

Are we to be furloughed or do we continue with training and studying form, checking on which teams are keeping fit and which are already on the beach?

It’s so stressful.


Agree, and fair play to the club for paying the remaining 20% on staff wages. Noticed Sunderland have taken a similar approach today.


A sensible decision taken by the club. I have no doubt that Pomlett wouldn’t have taken the decision lightly either and fair play to paying the other 20%, it says a lot about our club, as it does that all will be furloughed, not just non-playing staff as said above.

The way some clubs are furloughing non playing staff yet still paying the big money for the players is disgusting.


I agree. I was only 1 week behind you on weekly wins.

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All your results will be expunged in the coming weeks. What weekly wins? :joy:


Typical I am on the verge of winning something and it is snatched away.
You are all like the Child Snatcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
Your all evil.

This season will remain in the archives just to show the moment when @matt_saddlesore lost the plot. He’ll never win again.

On WFC, pleased that they’re taking the approach they are.


I must agree I have enjoyed his meltdown.


It was … it was … it was bad. It felt like I was stuck on 19 points for weeks. 19 points.

stares into the distance

I didn’t really know what was going on. :thinking: :no_mouth:

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Amazing from Roma players, superb club.

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Maybe not some of their fans though - a bit stabby :grimacing:

Fair play to the club and players though.

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