Walsall Football Club Announce Licensing Partnership With ISSA


Great stuff mate

International shipping, for post covid times? Just asking.

Yes mate. We have shipped to. New Zealand. Australia, America, and Hong Kong within. Last few weeks so. Oversees posting not a problem.

And payments through card? Sorry Iā€™m asking, but I had rather bad memories trying to pay through bank transfer. And I know my bank recently went overboard and card payment in net requires second confirmation (and many other things too, even regular login to account), through sms. So no pay by phone or other way for me it seems. It is irrelevant now, covid little shackled the whole country (GB variant), but later who knows.

We would have to work out postage on what you wanted mate and then you could pay for your items by. Card.
We would get it sorted for you one way or another