Walsall Football Club - So Many Issues

If any of the members of that board don’t know off the top of their head the number of season ticket sales we’ve made, or whether this seasons sponsorship deals are more lucrative total than last years then quite frankly they are shit at their job anyway.



Exactly this!!

At previous meeting, Stefan Gamble said we could “expect to have details of another meeting before the end of the current season”.

So why haven’t we? Why the sudden invoking of the Fans Charter minimum.

Running scared.


It’s like putting a tramp in a suit. Who the hell is he?

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I laughed way too hard at that! :joy:

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Exactly this.

I am as sure as I can be that Pomlett knows there will be questions about Fullarton - that’s why he didn’t mention it in the latest Pomcast, has bottled the WPM, and has bottled a fans focus.

More and more warning signs that Pomlett is a Bonser clone with videos.



He really is.
You don’t sit on that board with Jeff if you spend the years there sticking up for the fans and not Jeff imo. They’re all the same. Almost as a requirement to get a place on the board is to hold the fans in contempt.


I just get this incredible impression that Pomlett is in the same mould as Gamble, Mole, Bonser and Whalley.

This ‘we know better than you’ attitude, and acceptance of mediocrity.

And why shouldn’t they be? It’s the same regime just with Pombear doing videos.


For purposes of transparency. I think it’s fair that the wider fanbase. Should know. That. I. Disputed the minutes as published

I requested changes but was told no. Due to the fact. That in discussions things where raised between me and the trust representative , and things got. A bit heated

My request for the comments made. To be included in minutes Was as said refused ,

The reason stated was that we should of had the debate offline

, but. I believe anything discussed or commented upon. That arrises from a question asked. Should indeed be included For al, to read

I therefore. Said they could publish minuets in the form as seen on here but with a request. A footnote. Was added. Stating That myself and Issa. Dispute certain elements. Of Discussion. not containing enough detail on matters that arose as a. Result of question asked.

As you can see this footnote as not been. Added


What, like, minutes of a meeting?


I’d point out. They did. make sone changes. As original set did not include trust member. Not wanting. Fanbase to know season ticket numbers

But further comments made. In relation to. This point being debated. Where omitted. And. I was told. It. Was decided that the discussion. Would not be minuted


Looks like the club are being as transparent as ever.

Will they ever learn ?


Sounds like someone who couldn’t be bothered to be at the meeting has decided to redact elements of the meeting…. again. :thinking::roll_eyes:


A consistent run of form…


Walsall fc and ballsing up minutes
Sure I’ve heard this before?

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Hung GW a little bit out to dry here, in way above his head during that meeting. Bit like the time they sent Whitney to a fans forum to deflect some of the flak from them


Interesting that it was the Trust that trotted out the “commercially sensitive” line in response to ISSA’s question over season ticket numbers, which at this stage hasn’t been followed by the club. Even less thinking for the board to do when outside organisations provide answers for them!

I would suggest that providing the information on season ticket numbers is hardly “commercially sensitive particularly at this time of year”, as only numbers were requested. If we have sold a modest amount more now, that doesn’t ring alarm bells for players and other clubs to raise their demands when we recruit, but would serve only as comfort for the landlord in being able to assess that its forthcoming annual rent was already covered.

If I was to guess, that question may have been put about 15 minutes into the meeting and so the SLO could quite easily have contacted the ticket office during the meeting and obtained an answer within the remaining 20 minutes or so. Perhaps the office wouldn’t have had sufficient time to do this as it’s not much fun trying to count the greyed-out dots on the ticketing website, where it’s very easy to lose your place and have to start all over again!

In my view the limited information that has been given by the chairman is fairly meaningless anyway, as potentially the increase in numbers could be down to more children going free. Indeed, it could also be that there are less actual paying customers than before, with the balance shifting to those going free. Who knows?


Another way of looking at the paranoia surrounding commericial sensitivity is that it’s hardly afforded us an advantage in the last 5 years, has it?