Walsall Football Club Supporters Working Party Meeting 13/12/2021

Same old, same old.

So, all the club has to say in an update is solely pandemic related! No information about previously raised issues and how they are being addressed!

Disappointing to read that the SLO is receiving emails about the matchday experience that he describes as odd. I know what he meant (I think).

Far more disappointing, however, is the fact that he chooses not to mention the contents of such emails and furthermore thinks it sufficient to simply mention to those “in attendance” and by extension, us, that they are being dealt with.

Without wishing to be too critical of those representing us, surely, he should have been questioned over what aspects of the matchday experience were being raised and what actions were being taken to deal with those issues? Without such questioning it seems to miss the point of having such a body which fundamentally, one would have thought, exists for just that sort of thing.

By contrast with the club, ISSA are brimming with ideas and positivity.

The point made by ISSA about not receiving a response to a communication is in itself bad enough, but without raising the issue we would presumably not have found out that Alex Smith had left the club. Why didn’t the club announce this, or even mention it in their “Club Update” section of this meeting, especially as he was forwarded as a name for supporters to liaise with for appropriate matters?


The SLO stuff came across very much like “there aren’t any issues…. nothing to see here”.

I’m a bit surprised about the situation around the commercial manager leaving. Given the run up to Xmas it seems pretty unorganised to not have someone in place till January …. particularly as his replacement already works within the club. :man_shrugging:

And is the new manager going to finally address the piss poor appearance of the shop or will it be a continuation?

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What was even more bizarre is the lack of communication to key stakeholders such as ISSA who are clearly working with the club on merchandise. Almost like if there hadn’t been a meeting with the issue raised, people would still be in the dark :see_no_evil:

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Well Run Club.


Meeting - 13th December
Minutes released - 29th December

Over 2 weeks to release minutes of a meeting that barely lasted 30 minutes with just 4 people attending.

I see that effort to release them ASAP has gone well! :crazy_face:

And even though Xmas was during that time we’ve had no matches to play since the 11th and they had at least 11 days up to Xmas Eve to release them. :man_shrugging:

As Bosted Slab says though the SLO bit is disappointing. No reference to what issues he’s dealt with and what he’s done. A meeting like this is the perfect opportunity to illustrate what his role is.

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My Arse :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :wink:


They tried to say they did not know cash was changing hands at johns do mate.

If they didn’t know then someone had a good Christmas as the rounds on our table. Where all over £60. a time.

I asked why when attending. as a fan we can’t pay in cash. But when attending as a corporate client. Cash was encouraged. , Stating Again it looked as if. the clubs. Loyal band of supporters-where being treated with contempt. And a two tier system was in place.

Step gamble said he was honestly unaware this was happening and apologised saying. It was wrong. And he would immediately. Look into. How this .

More worrying tho. Is the ceo of club being unaware large amounts of cash. Where. Being parted with. ,
So who on earth accounted for it all at the end of the night , as you know mate there where. Over. 400 people present. So a tidy sum of cash to go. Unaccounted for ?


I will await the response from Alexander de pfeifel Gamble with baited breath

Probably the standard nothing to be seen here, let’s move on

They knew mate, they have been shown up to be bare faced liars “AGAIN!”


Nothing to do with me before anyone suggests


Apparently the following week. Whg held there Christmas do there. And again packed solid

Strange thing is tho again. You could pay by cash

Something very very wrong. In this two tier system they have implemented , not least. The fact that it’s only the clubs long suffering fan base that suffers most. But then that’s nothing new is it.

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They certainly know how to make money out of mugs, they were charging £12 for a £6 bottle of wine.

What a depressing thread. We need to be better. We need better people. Jeez. :scream:

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Yes mate and a pint had gone up by 30 p From normal match day prices. I was informed

Next time I’m opening a tab and putting it under your table number lol

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I was out with my mate Kenny a couple of years ago, we took our partners to the Dog and Doublet on the Salt rd in Stafford.
And we were talking to a couple of lads up the bar, after they started singing "walking down the wednesbury rd " after hearing our accents.
And Kenny asked them if they wanted a drink? they said “what at £6 a pint?” so Kenny said “watch and learn”
Then some random bloke ordered a round of drinks up the bar and told the bartender to put it on table 3, so Kenny ordered a round of drinks for us all and told the other bartender to put it on table 3, the blokes were piddling themselves :joy: :joy: :joy:

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You get worse as you get older.

Reminds me tho of the old tavern in town.

Few lads go down the back end. Of bar and order a few pints. Of old jan the barmaid. (Think That was her name ). To keep her busy. Whilst the rest of us. Pulled a load of lagers. From top end of bar.

Took her a good few seasons to cotton on lol

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Reference the toy collection Does anyone know if the toys were taken to the hospital and if they did was a first team player allowed to attend? Havent seen anything at all publicised about it by the club

The Trust did request that a player. Attend , but at time it was unclear wether this would be allowed due to restrictions Club where going to advise if it was possible.

Don’t know if it ultimately happened because as you say there has been nothing on official site or. Local papers.

Good to see fans supported the appeal tho. And. Donated generously