Walsall Football Club Supporters Working Party Meeting 13/12/2021

Thanks for that. I have actually just googled it and found an article and photos on the actual hospital website. George Miller and Keiron Phillips attended alongside club mascot Swifty, Vice Chairman of the trust Bob Thomas and trust secretary Ray Dale

Some interesting quotes from the players regarding vaccination.


Very interesting comments. Would of loved to of seen this on our official site it’s quite important info about players and them being jabbed and would of been nice to of had some knowledge of the players handing the toys over that the supporters donated


Odd, that. If management didn’t know then that’s an epic fail. Someone had to do the floats, count the takings, reconcile the tills, and do the banking.

On the other hand, maybe The Venue operates under different rules and it’s just match day fans having to do everything cashless. In which case why deny it?

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Agree, does seem a missed opportunity for some good PR, nothing on the Trust website either.

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Exactly somebody senior from the club would of been responsible for taking the money to the bank all seems very strange

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Or making exceptions for big spending hospitality clients that insist on a cash bar?

That’s just it.

They either knew about it…. and lied.
Or they didn’t know… which means they’re unaware of stuff going on below them and are incompetent.

Neither is good.


Exactly. Why deny what is obviously common practice

But again proves behind doubt that the football side of the business. has and always will play second fiddle to the commercial Side

Sad reflection tho that at last home game. A fan could not get his young. grandson a hot drink. As he only had cash on him. , so due to the child being bitter cold. They left and went home.

With as resulted. In the club most probably loosing another. Couple of fans. Due to there. Double standards.

Again we will be taking it up with club at next wpm. Why fans are not being advised that the outside catering units. Take both card and cash.

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I was rang directly by the guy who put the show on, about a month before, telling me explicitly that if anyone turned up without a card to pay for food and drinks, then they wouldn’t get served.

It was contactless payments or nothing, then as i was up the bar TRYING to pay with my card, because the machines were just not playing ball, i saw others paying with cash,

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So the club had obviously made the rules clear.


Most probably, but as i say, the machines hadn’t got the memorandum, so MAYBE the bar staff made the decision to speed things up and rather than lose out on revenue, and hold things up, they made an executive decision to accept cash?

I went up with card. But was encouraged to pay by cash.

, other people on our table could not believe. That. They are refused this facility. During a football game. But. Encouraged to. Pay in cash at corporate events

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As you say double standards then.

That’s a management level decision, surely? So did everyone who’d arrived with cards only have to go and find a cash machine?

Why do machines only seem to go down on non football related. Events ?

Good job I’m not a cynic who thinks cash could be being hived off. Lol.


I don’t think so? i managed to use my card on a number of occasions, but on making one payment with it, i was chased back to my table by the bartender, asking me to try again as the payment hadn’t gone through, but i must say it did prompt me to go back to paying cash after that.

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Especially as on some occasions it was over 100% mark up :wink:

Worrying the CEO had no idea.

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To be fair I’ve heard that machines have gone down during football games too… but they’ve stuck to the “we aren’t allowed to take cash” line and sent people away to other kiosks/bars or kept trying till it works.

The amount of times machines are apparently going down though points to either the machines being crap and not fit for purpose (possibly bought on the cheap), staff not being trained to use them properly, staff deciding it’s too much hassle and taking cash as it’s easier for them then telling management the machine were broken or possibly a combination of all these.

I’m sure there were other issues during the early pre-season games where they made a big thing of it being cashless only, then it turned out the external concessions were taking cash because they didn’t have machines, same as the car parking and programme sellers.

Yet again, it’s all pointing to piss poor organisation and communication. All this stuff falls under Gamble/Mole and their middle managers remits.

I gave them the benefit of the doubt in the past as they were working under Bonser and no doubt constrained in what they could do. But now they’ve been working under Pomlett for some time and it’s the same incompetence.