Walsall Football Club Supporters Working Party Meeting

Fucking pathetic. Both parties. Both full of busy bodies trying to look more important than they actually are, only interested in looking like “more of a fan” than anyone else. Grow up.

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I was all ready to say ‘don’t over-react to a committee meeting’…but the trust has massively thrown their toys out of the pram. Time to dissolve that organisation in my opinion.


Yeah more about the pathetic squabbling than the meeting itself to be honest.

What a shambolic farce

Pointless, clueless and without objectives and aims of any description

To any casual visitor to this site or wherever else this nonsense is published it must be viewed as nothing more than a pathetic talking shop with no real meaning


Uncle Jeef must be loffin his ■■■■■■■■ off

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VNo busy bodies in Issa mate just genuine fans, trying there level best on behalf of there fellow fan, and asking serious questions of club
I’e freehold issues. Constant lack of investment, Bonsers exit plans, and trying to source potential buyers of club, amongst other things
Have always said no fan is any better than any other fan, so if you are going to make such ridiculous statements, do it on facts not on false information, or better still try backing one of the groups, trying to force change
You may not have an high oppinion of myself and that’s your perogative, but as said at least I try, and can look my fellow fan in the eye , knowing every time I go into those meetings, it is with honest intentions , in trying to get fans point,s of views over, but I will gladly let you go in instead of myself st the next one, if so I sincerely hope you battle them tooth and nail like I myself and many others do
Why do you think the trust have threw dummy out of pram, I’ll tell you the reason, they don’t like criticism, and don’t like fans asking serious questions of club and not swallowing the nonsense That they have been doing for years, ,
But if it’s chips you want, trust w. I’ll put that to club all day long, , but anything stronger than that is a no no, Try asking the trust to furnish you with an honest answer as to why they don’t want to be at same meetings of Issa, but I’ll doubt they will reply,
There was no squabbling at said meeting, just a few home truths told, and you can see from there reaction they didn’t like it, , Familarality breeds contempt, and with the founding of Issa and Walsall fans for change, they are under serious pressure to represent all fans in the way they are supposed to, But unfourtanatly they. Eithier can’t or won’t do it, again ask them why

As forPeople involved with Issa doing it for self importance, how wrong you are, there sole aim is to give something back to fans, and be a voice that will put over any fans view, , we are accountable to fans and as said do our level best to represent them , in the correct manner, Come along take a close look at what we do you may just be supprised at what you discover


Ignore him mate he obviously has no idea what this association is about and what it does for the fans of the club.

The Trust really has been exposed as both self-serving and utterly irrelevant in recent months. They’ve achieved very little during their existence, and it’s time for other groups to act on behalf of fans.

For anyone who wasn’t aware, the last working party minuted the following exchange that might have some bearing on the Trust’s position…

Documents on the Trusts Accounts were presented to the Trust by ISSA and questions were asked regarding membership numbers as the money in the accounts for memberships did not add up to the membership numbers. Questions were also asked on how the trust are getting people to be signed up as members and referred to people being signed up as members on the back of purchasing items of memorabilia and asked if this contributed to the numbers not adding up. BT was unable to answer the questions but assured the group he would report back to the WP and provide answers at the next working party.

BT was asked to ask if the Trust will provide it’s Membership numbers at the next meeting.

So poor old BT was the sacrificial lamb. Seems a little odd that ISSA would attack the Trust through such a stalwart, and they’ve gone down in my estimation because of that. No idea who the two Daves (Bromley and Joesbury) are, but running an ambush on the Trust directly attacking a representative with impeccable credentials, at a club working party meeting is a pretty ■■■■ poor tactic.

Should have turned up to the Trust AGM next month with the paperwork, not use a WFC meeting to pursue an agenda.

Edit to add - this was the first meeting ISSA attended. Way to make an impression on the club as the new kids on the block.

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What have the trust actually achieved with regards to its mandate ?

What’s its mandate?


Seemingly lots of egos at play here. The Trust are clearly a defunct organisation, but I can’t help but think ISSA have played right into their hands here.


No I haven’t. Because it’s seemingly set up to swipe at the trust (not unfairly but even so).

That response above is full of grand claims and bold statement. What is it actually doing to achieve any of that? As far as I can tell it has the same cushy meetings with Mole and Gamble the trust used to have and then pats themselves on the back for “looking them in the eye”.

That response alone shows all of the ego around such groups better than I ever could. “We’re answerable to other fans but how dare you criticise us?” Basically. Reminds me of a similar organisation.

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I think it was absolutely right for ISSA to bring this up where the information would then be put out to the public. Afterall, people pay to become a member and deserve to know where their money is going.

Says a lot when they can’t even answer it and then dodge all future working parties though.

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For the previous twelve months exile the trust had been requested by club to furnish them with there actual paid up membership numbers, and at each meeting offered up constant excuses as to why they couldn’t,

Every other group gives club an update, on such things at every meeting, and is a requirement of being allowed to take part in said meetings, I’e each group must have a fair representation of the fan base to take part in said meetings, as members of said group, maybe Walsall fans for change can confirm they would have been told this

If as you say Issa had gone to the trust meetings, it would never have been disclosed,as they constantly refused to provide the information. as for information furnished it was freely availible in public domain, so why the secrecy, or where they ashamed to admit numbers, which stood at 59 inclusive of fully paid up lifetime members, but where grossly inflated by adding people who had brought items such as photographs of ex players and managers, and added as paid up members on the back of purchasing said items, Issa asked whether this was misrepresentation of numbers and could be seen as misrepresentation

As for Bob no way was he attacked, a straight question was asked and again it couldn’t be answered It was also asked why the trust had issued no statement whatsoever, in relation to events we where witnessing and challenging club on issues surrounding many fans concerns, We where told they only represent there members, ,
Surely it is the duty of the trust to represent , all fans,or have I missed the reason for there existence, by there own admission, they say there goal is to seek fan representation on the board, , I question this, and can’t see how they can do this if it was ever obtained, as like I say they only represent there members, all 59 of them, And for a long established group, those numbers reflect how genuine fans view the trust and how it is run as a secret service

As for Issa certain trust board members have gone out of there way to dis credit it, for reasons only known to themself, Issa have no problem with any fan criticising it, but only if there is a valid reason, not just putting poison down because they feel there own organisation is threatened, by a group who will ask the questions, put to them by fans, and not just hand pick the ones unlikely to cause issues

Moving forward Issa made a comitment alongside the dsa, to sort things out again in the interest of fans, not to massage the ego of trust, But in order to get fans voices heard , but again trust have not responded, in a positive way, so if you have any suggestions on how you can communicate with a group of people, ,who have reverted to such childish tactics then I’d be interested to hear them

Issa works hard on fans behalf, and will continue to do so and I make no apologies for that, do we get the answers fans, want to hear, I’m the first to admit at times we don’t, but that will never stop us trying

I would also like to put on record, that at said. Meetings Steph gamble, and Dan mole, give honest answers to the best of there ability, and it’s clear that they do want club to progresss, it’s also blatantly clear, that there hands are tied , this is where again on behalf of fans Issa push for the main man to adress fans, as there is only himself who can answer. And we will continue to do so
Something trust should have had at the top of there agenda for a very long time, instead of pursuing a goal of sitting on the board, that everyone knows is an impossibility


Doesn’t show the Trust in a good light at all. Putting their own ego before the good of the club.

I have no in depth knowledge of what’s gone on but at least ISSA showed up at the table, and put Walsall FC as the priority.

This is correct DH, along with FSF membership and a formal constitution.

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You can have an apology from me when you actually achieve any of those stated aims. Until then I’m skeptical that this organisation is anymore useful and an any less ego driven than the trust.


Exactly what we had to do Simon
We had to become affiliated members of Fsf, and furnish club with our constitution, and prove we had a fair representation of the fanbase to be allowed to attend working party meetings
Thank you for confirming this, and we look forward to you joining us at future wpms, That is if the trusts behaviour, not Issas, have not jepordise do future ones taking place