Walsall making moves!


With a proper pre season ( no injuries) and a different way of playing he will score if given the service/chances. I thought his goal against Salford was the perfect example what type of service he needs. Why wingers to offer something different will be important. That being said that’s also banking on Sadler being good in game when it needs changing. I’m a lot more positive about things but realistic also. I fully expect us to finish higher than the last 2 seasons which shouldn’t be that hard.

Hutch will get player of the season next year or there about
Should have been him fighting daniels this year for pots
Guy will be insane and was already our best player in his 1st full season

Just how big should our squad be? On top of what we have, 4/5 ‘good’ signings has the recipe for unhappiness in the ranks, despite the nonsense of the five subs rule and a bench of 6 or 7.
I know that we were severely depleted by injuries last season but surely squads are getting too big.

We currently have 15 players when you take away youth players ( apart from maher) and Earing who’s out long term, menayese who’s nowhere near good enough. We need a mini of 7 players and even then the squad isn’t big

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Apart from anything else, league two clubs are limited by the EFL to 22 registered players, not including goalkeepers or under-21s (ie players born after 1st January 2002). We currently have 16 over-21outfield players registered so we have a bit of room.

As it stands we’ve replaced a few leavers, but not exactly bolstered the squad with the extra quality that will see us progress.

We also have the Menayese and Earing long term injured, our midfield looks light on quality.

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I’d agree. Certain posters getting too carried away.

I’m pleased with the signings to date djt excluded but we need 4 or 5 more and good ones at that.

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A 21 year old kid with potential who’s gonna learn from dj and Matt? Bring Timmy back instead

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Funny how words mean different things to different generations. According to my definition of Insane, I sincerely hope that you are wrong :smile:

He’ll be sick! :wink:

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Maybe we’ve been calling Andy Cook a phat bastard all this time.

And I’m not that convinced from out moves so far that will change but still business to be done.