Walsall manager Darrell Clarke backs Holden and Gaffney to win over fans

Interesting comments I thought. I’ve been critical of Clarke but I think he does a good job of protecting his players here but also acknowledging the fans have every right to be upset with their performances to date.


“I don’t think it was our fans, I thought it was Cambridge fans,” he said. Well there was loads by me booing him

I personally hope there is a clause so we can offload both of them in January and bring 2 more players in who are more of a goal threat to replace them.
But whilst they are here Clarke is doing the right thing in supporting them.


Holden has been okay recently, albeit against weaker opposition. Lets hope he keeps improving even if it is baby steps. Might as well get behind him because he is here for the season.

Gaffney looks totally shot and bereft of any confidence, he looks every bit the non league player. I kinda feel sorry for him, as you can really say he lacks effort, hes just not good enough.

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Agreed but my only griep with Holden is he seems so “scared” too go in for the tackle, i guess that will all develop as he gets older but when we need him too put that foot in he dont then walks back! Some of his balls in the box tho show he has some quality, But then again i guess playing him in his normal position would only be when we can make a true assessment on him

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Holden is getting better. If he continues on that trajectory then we should keep hold of him. His assist record is good and he is getting in goal scoring positions aswell.

Gaffney has gone backwards.

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This is my main gripe with Holden, i know he is a light weight winger but he backs out of easy challenges.

Backs out challenges and then has a steady jog back! If he had the Sinco moto of dont give up till you get that ball he wouldnt be on loan too us! Also seems too hesitate before sending a pass thru and slows a down (not only him), But at our level were never gunna get a messi but always think hes very lightweight! Wes is the same tho his work defending is very poor imo

I’ve generally not been impressed by Holden, but to be fair I thought he had a good game on Saturday and was probably unlucky to be subbed.

His assist record is also impressive and from wide free-kicks on the right wing he usually hits a very good area for our players to attack. Let’s hope he can keep improving.

Holden has improved a little recently so credit for that, I haven’t noticed the criticism though apart from moaning that he’s starting and groaning when he’s pushed off the ball too easily, shirking a challenge or misplacing a pass. That’s about it isn’t it?

As for Gaffney, he’s useless but wouldn’t get half the stick he’s getting now if he didn’t decide to shush fans who were rightfully not happy with how bad he has been. No need for it, especially when he has been as bad as he has. Just score a goal ffs.

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Another issue with Gaffney was Clarke bigging him up saying what a coup it was to get him at the club. I think most fans were confused, as it seemed that we were just picking up a Salford cast off that wasn’t good enough for their first team.

On current showings he very much appears to be the reject we all feared he was in the first place. He has got a long way to go in my eyes to turn things around as the chances he misses are shocking

Think they are clearly referring to whats online too. Holden’s had plenty of (valid) criticism this season. He even says “The best way I always say is don’t read it, don’t read criticism” in the article.

When was that?

Holden is not my fave by any stretch but he is not completely useless. He is lightweight, So was McManaman. There is some hope. Gaffney is total rubbish tbh. No matter what though, They should be backed. They are playing for our team.

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Holden is terrible. Only has one foot, comes inside and plays on that foot. Once players work him out he has no other answer. So lightweight too.

Holden is up there with the worst to put on a Saddlers shirt.

Darlington at Home

Darlington at home.

Holden is working hard and improving. Gaffney did ok for a few games but seems to have just given up. He clearly dislikes it here.

I don’t think i would want to work somewhere that either didn’t want me or made me feel unwelcome, i don’t blame HIM i blame DC for bringing him here and knowing his limitations.

Holden hasn’t been great. but he does provide assists, there’s no doubt about that. No problem with him effort wise. In our crap team he doesn’t deserve to be singled out any more than anyone. Gaffney, a striker with massive, major problems summed up by the “attempt” v Darlo at home. If he was our striker, like Adebeyo or anyone really then we work with him and stick with him, support him and see where it goes from there, but he isn’t our striker, so what’s the point? Just let him get on with his football career elsewhere and we’ll do whatever we do, be it sign someone else, realise that Candlin was the answer all along (even though he can’t get a start for Nuneaton) or bring back George Andrews, or thinking about Gaffney, we could even bring back Ollie Kearns (which is probably a bit unfair to Ollie, because he did score 12 times for us, something that Gaffney wouldn’t manage in a decade).

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Thats life, unfortunately.

If I was on a temp contract in an office and wasnt delivering even close to what was expected, things would start getting sharp.

They wouldnt hug and kiss me everyday in the hope of ‘feeling wanted’ would make me improve.

Hes a grown man thats part of a team that is at the arse end of the football league- hugs and kisses will be limited. Bang even a couple of goals in, and he’ll earn that love.