Walsall penalty takers

Are you and the other reprobates going to the Locker? I’ll be in the Stadium Suite as usual as my dad can’t walk that far and back from where we park. But will see you in the Lower if not before. :+1:


I heard that …


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Don’t recall Craig Westcarr or Tom Bradshaw missing many!

Tbf to Hutch that was his first he’s missed I think. Scored 3/3 before FGR I think?


MOC every time.


I don’t recall is ever being consistently good at penalties
Especially as a team when it came to shootouts in my era anyway
My era got to be grigg
As main penalty takes and strikers dj and cook are probably the worst recently

I remember Shakey being pretty good at them ? He was definitely on pens for quite a while .

Buckley didn’t miss many

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I’ll never forget Colin Taylor’s penalty against Villa in 1971. The follow through was a sight to behold showing the power of the man, which was captured on a memorable newspaper photo that hopefully somebody can put up on here.


Yep remember that one - he hit it so hard it would have burst the net if it had been a couple of mm lower

For me in my lifetime…… John Hodge or Martin O Connor. Both put there laces through it no messing!

I might be imagining this in my dotage, but I seem to remember Colin taking a penalty in a reserve team match where there was a huge crowd (about 10,000) because there were vouchers on offer for either the Spurs or Liverpool FA cup ties in about 1967 or 1968. Anyway he took a massive run-up and his shot cleared the crossbar, the railway and was last seen somewhere in orbit above Cannock. Like I say, this might all be in my imagination, in which case will somebody alert the men in white coats.

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Might be my memory being selective here, but can’t remember Hodge missing one for us.

No run up, just two steps back, two steps forward, bang, goal.

Darren Wrack used to be lethal - possibly even better than MOC. But after a good run of consecutive goals he hit the post and after that he was never the same - I think he missed his next 2 or 3 on the trot then stopped taking them completely. Probably a confidence thing?

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Colin Taylor
Colin Harrison
Will Grigg


I’d forgotten he took penalties for us until you mentioned it, yes very powerful and accurate penalties. Didn’t he miss in the shootout at Blackburn?

What a fantastic signing he was for us, one of my favourites.

Yes, Wracky was the only one from either side to miss at Ewood Park. A bit cruel as he’d been, in the opinion of many, our MOTM.

We won three shoot-outs in 98-99 in the Auto Windscreen, but seemed to miss a few that season in “normal” play, including in the Area Final at Millwall (Pointon?). I know Wrack started the season as our pelanty taker and scored a couple, but didn’t keep the job. He didn’t score in any of the three shoot-outs, but I can’t remember if he actually missed or didn’t take any. But we did miss a few against Brizzle and I presume he was one of those who missed.

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Tony Richards once scored a penalty and then saved one in the same game, against Bournemouth. No subs in those days and our keeper was injured. John Savage?

Good memory as usual! I went to the Brentford game in the Auto Windscreen which we won on pens, but I can’t remember if Wrack took one or not now.

I seem to remember a game at Bescot where we had the chance to go top of the league in 98/99. My memory isn’t that great but I seem to remember us missing a penalty and I have it in my mind it was Rammell who took it? I think we drew in the end and didn’t go top.