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Walsall Programmes



I’m not sure if anyone will be able to help at all?

I collect Oxford United football programmes from 1960 to present day.

On 28th December 1965 A game between Walsall and Oxford was postponed and later replayed on 4th May 1966. Would anyone know if a programme exists for the postponed game?



Hi …I think you have some wrong info. there. We played at Oxford on the 27th December that year and LOST 1-7. I was there and remember it well…we hit the post 4 times so it wasn’t quite as one sided as it looks!! but NOT a happy memory. Best wishes until you play us again!!

Having researched further the game you refer to did take place on the 4th May. I didn’t realise it was postponed from December. Expect a programme would have been produced but unfortunately I don’t have one…my programmes from that season are few and far between.


He’s winding us up knowing we lost 1-7​:rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’ve attached a screenshot from a Oxford United programme website which lists pretty much most of the games played. I hadn’t realised that they had played at Oxford the day before though until you mentioned it.



I’d never wind another team up (apart from Swindon) for losing by that score, especially after seeing Oxford concede 7 on more than one occasion


Thanks for the response…just sorry I don’t have the programme.


In those days they used to reuse the same program and just put a supplement inside, nothing changes with Walsall