Walsall’s Foreign Legion

No football and no beer!
I thought it would be good to pick a team of none UK based players to have adorned our special shirt.
It would be good to see English, Welsh, Irish and Scottish teams if we can.

This is my team
1 Clayton Ince
2 Gino Padua
3 Zigor Aranalde
4 Jeff Peron
5 David Hay
6 Gabor Bukran
7 Paul Hall
8 Steve Corsica
9 Roger Boli
10 Jorge Leitao
11 Pedro Maria’s

12 Neil Etheridge
13 Charlie Ntamack
14 Roberto Martinez
15 Romaine Sawyers
16 Sigurour Eyjolfsson
17 Fitzroy Simpson

Stay in and stay safe fellow saddlers.

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Boy would we win some games / leagues if we got all those playing in the same team at their peaks …

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Autocorrect had fun with that!


Very good picks, i would have got Merson in there somehow :wink:

He’s English, let’s see if he finds his way in to the English born team??

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Oh ye i didn’t read it right sorry :man_facepalming:

At least Danny Fox could get into both English AND Scottish teams :joy:

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  1. Neil Etheridge
  2. Goose Uhlenbeek
  3. Diego Padula
  4. Romaine Sawyers
  5. Danny Hay
  6. Ludo Pollet
  7. Paul Hall
  8. Freddie Biancalani
  9. Roger Boli
  10. Jorge Leitao
  11. Jeff Peron

Not much choice at centre back unless I’m forgetting someone obvious. Did think of the Indian born Colin Methven but that would have been cheating as he’s Scottish really.
Shame to leave Pedro out but Eva was a better player.

A team with Sawyers, Ledesma and Peron in… :drooling_face:


A bit like an England team with Beckham Robson and Wright :wink:

He’s actually part Italian too, genuinely.

No room for Junior?


And no Darko Mavrak or Mads Timm?


Some great players there. Had a go at a Scottish team, struggled for strikers, and I’m sure that there are loads that I’ve missed. Some of the inclusions will indicate that I am an old git. Would suggest that the back 4 would not be taking many prisoners.

John Christie

Andy Dornan
Graeme Forbes
Colin Methven
Paul Ritchie

Tommy Watson
Willie Penman
Jimmy McMorran
Willie Naughton

Colin Cramb
Kevin Harper

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We did have the unlikely named Scottish striker Gary Wales on loan for a while.

Subs to be considered:

Tom Bennett
Roger Hynd
Jeff King
Ricky Sbragia
George Meek

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I would have Nicky Devlin lurking somewhere on that bench.

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Surely there must be room in midfield for Alex Taylor?


Oh, Big Fat Jan and Dave Mackay as the managers of those 2 teams?

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We could pick a fairly horrendous Foreign Legion team as well - Bica, Mads Timm, Jean-Jacques Idlegit, Pierre Essers, Athuman Chine, there must be others I’ve forgotten.