Walsall sign new Goalkeeper

Walsall sign keeper Chris Dunn from, you guessed it, Wrexham…

Another Wrexham lad? Well, at least he’s a big 'un - well over 6 foot as I remember.

Hope we don’t turn into Wrexham with all these connections :thinking: tbf tho he will only be 2nd choice

I think its a decent signing. Hopefully will push Roberts for that no. 1 place in the team. 6’5" so hes not a little guy. Could do with some players more experienced in the league though surely. Cant rely on non league players

Another box ticked. Experienced #2 will hopefully keep Roberts on his toes.

Think they are going with what they know rather than trying to gamble/find a no 2. We all know and expect Roberts to be no 1.

Stick him upfront with Cookie and lump it to them. Lets turn into right ■■■■■■■.

Happy with this signing. Solid enough back up for Roberts.

I suggested we needed someone experienced and who wouldn’t be annoyed with staying on the bench (not easy unless you go down the leagues). Boxes ticked :+1:

Just imagine being paid to train everyday , what a job … sign me up.

Good enough back up for Roberts. Experienced and he’ll be on alot less wages than Gillespie which should free up wages to spend on outfield players.

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He won’t play much at all as Liam Roberts is our number one. And he can’t be any worse than our last goalkeeper :sweat_smile:

Another non league player? Okay…

I’ll reserve judgement for when/if at all we see him play but I’d like to see some actual proven quality signed at some stage. Back up or not, this doesn’t fill me with confidence.

tend to agree , we certainly need some proven quality through the door.

Roberts is our number 1 keeper. Finding an outstanding experienced keeper happy to sit on the bench with a low salary is impossible.
He’ll do for what we want him for.

I think he is an ideal back up Goalie…experienced but unlikely to make many appearances for us.

If he’s outstanding and experienced he’d be starting, not sat on the bench. I get that we are giving Liam a chance and I support that.

The back up need to still be competent at League One Level though, even if he’s not outstanding. I hope this guy is because we are one injury away from relying on him as number one.

Makes me laugh when people talk about signing players from non-league, you’d think he’d come from Pelsall Villa. This guy’s played 160 plus games in league football, ie the same as Gillespie before he signed for us, and many more than the likes of Etheridge, McGillveray etc when they were signed. Also the National League is basically division 5 of English football, almost entirely full-time pro’s many of whom will be earning the same or more than our players, see the situation with Zeli Ismail.

A very logical signing in my opinion, given that we have an excellent number one keeper already, and that he has previously worked with Keates and Oaks. There are much more needy areas of the team that must be strengthened, and saving precious budget to do so looks like good management, especially as he’s managed to shift Gillespie off the payroll into the bargain.

It pains me a bit to say it because they seem like decent lads, but if he could do the same with Devlin and Leahy, and fetch in a couple of solid seasoned defenders that would be good business also.


keates is just doing the same as any new manager,bringing in players/staff that he knows and feels comfortable with.You can’t expect him to bring in people that he doesn’t know.There are lots of players over the years who have come from non-league teams (eg, Ian Wright & Jamie Vardie).Keates wants to play a certain way next season so he wants players and staff who he thinks will help him to achieve his goal.

Very sensible management for me. Offload a high earner who would just be warming the bench, and replace him with a lower earner who will be doing exactly the same. I think we all agree that we need to add some league experience, even Dean said at the end of last season that that’s what he’s looking to add. The movement of goalkeepers will have freed up a decent wage to allow him to go and do that, given that they will cost far more in wages than what we’ve currently signed

Division 5? We are in Division 3. Who cares if they are full time pros on good wages? I’m talking about sportsmen finding their level. Do I think Cook is our level? He deserves the chance because of his performances, he was clearly too good for division 5. That doesn’t mean every player we pluck from those leagues has though.

Being 30 with 160 plus league games to prove yourself and ending up at Division 5 Wrexham is a negative, not a positive for me. If he was that good he’d still be at one of those league clubs at the peak of his career. It’s all well and good cutting budget, i just hope Liam stays fit.