Walsall stats needed

Please could someone confirm for me some stats about WFC

would be nice to know which season and who the manager was for the following:

most games won in a row
most games lost in a row
most games drawn in a row
most games without a win
most games without scoring in a row
most games scored in a row
player with most consecutive goals
keeper with most consecutive clean sheets


  1. Under Paul Merson :joy: :woozy_face:

Should clarify it was the last 5 games of 2004-05 and the first 2 of 2005-06.

And it was 7 games won, not 2005.


Last season’s six has to be in with a shout?

I don’t know any actual answers. Somebody will need to go into a book.

But I think most wins is 7 under Merson.
Most defeat 15 under Coakley
most draws 6 under Flynn
Consecutive games scored in - pretty sure Killer did 7 or 8
Clean sheets Clayton Ince did around half a dozen on the spin in 006/07.

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Confirmation there that 7 was the third time it had been achieved.

The seven wins under Merson was equalled by Bill Moore in the 59-60 promotion season.

Most League defeats in a row was 15 under Coakley and Barnwell with Ray Train as caretaker for bit.

Most League games without a win was the same season, before the 15 defeats we had three draws which made 18.

Most League games in a row without scoring I don’t know, but in 90-91 we did six in a row and later in the season did five in a row. It wasn’t a great season. :laughing:

Most games scored in a row I would imagine is an old record when games usually ended 5-4 to one team or the other. In the 59-60 season we failed to score in only three of our games.

Player to score most consecutive goals? Not sure what that means. The player who scored most goals without anyone else scoring or who scored in most consecutive games? If the latter I would guess Alsop, Richards or Taylor, although The Buck is in with a shout.

I think Jimmy Walker did 6 clean sheets in a row, starting on his debut. Not sure if that is the record though.

Five out of his first six starts, but a 2-1 defeat in the third of fourth of those at Carlisle ruined the sequence. One of the blanks was against PNE, who I think were undefeated at the time. They were managed by John Beck and had Tony Ellis up front so Jimmy had a busy night but looked the real deal.
We won the match with two crackers from Jason Lillis, which is hard to explain.

Bob Wesson kept clean sheets in his first three games then let in six at Oldham. :smile:

I’m sure at the start of 06/07 we had a ridiculous clean sheet record at home in the league to start the season. I want to say we didn’t concede a goal until around October time against Notts County (maybe?)

Under Flynn :smile:

I think you are correct and that the County game was the tenth home League game of the season. We had conceded at home in the cup, but nine blanks in the League if I am remembering correctly.

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Thanks for that.

I wish my memory was a bit better. I can kind of pick out a snapshot but I often get small details wrong. It may or may not be because I was just about old enough to have a few pints at that time!

I went to Carlisle, I went to every game back then. I had it in my mind we drew 0-0. I remember the Preston game better (I think) It was a night game if I remember right. Jason Lillis, there is a name I’d forgotten, cheers! :rofl:


I don’t think we did score at Wigan after this game?

OK so this is just a gratuitous reason to see Houghton, Wilson and Lightbourne but the headline is “club record”


That was a nerve-wracking run in, every dropped point hurt and that defeat at Wigan seemed possibly ruinous. Worked out in the end though. :slightly_smiling_face:

Standard defeat at Wigan. I think we drew with someone at home on the Saturday after that defeat which left us 4 points behind Chesterfield. I can’t remember who it was now, but I remember sitting in the Fullbrook with my Dad after the game with lots of gloomy faces.

It felt like Chesterfield won every week.

They had a really good run in the second half of the season, including beating us at Bescot. I’m not sure how we hung on to them, but it turned round that night at Scarborough when we won and they lost to Carlisle, either home or away I forget which.

They were at home, Carlisle had already ensured promotion (and the title) in their previous game so were fielding a bit of a weakened team, and they missed a late penalty. :rofl:

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Well it was your 12th birthday :wink:

I could tell a few stories from before that time, but it’s probably best that I don’t on here :rofl: