Walsall stats needed

Undefeated in 21 games then, I thought they had been on a bostin’ run. They must have been quite a bit behind us at Xmas/New Year or they would have left us trailing.

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I was looking around after our posts earlier.

This is the table after we beat Doncaster on New Year’s Eve.

I assume 3rd place is Chesterfield, the site seems to not show teams who are currently not in the league.


Only a couple of points in it and they have a game in hand.

I think third might be Bury which would make Chesterfield fourth or fifth. I think if they went 21 games undefeated and they beat us along the way, they must have been further back when the run started, or they would have left us trailing.
The Gary Brabin game was a big one then, they were close to us so good job we won.
We’d destroyed Barnet on Boxing Day, and they were up there with us so they are probably the other missing team on that table.

You could be right yes. Didn’t Bury beat us at Bescot that season? 1-0 defeat I think.

I am sure when we played them away on that beautiful night when we got promoted that Bury still had an outside chance of promotion if they beat us.

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I think they needed to beat us, and then win their last game and hope that Chesterfield lost (or maybe drew) but we did what we needed to. What a great night it was.


We hadn’t made any plans on how to get to Bury as it was rearranged at such short notice.

I worked with my Dad at the time. We knocked off work at dinner time to try and sort something. My Dad didn’t want to drive, and I hadn’t passed my driving test. I passed a few months later, I got fed up with the ear ache about it :rofl:

We went in the Red Cow in Pelsall and started making a few phone calls. Phoned the Fullbrook and someone we knew was taking a minibus. Asked if there was any room and he said “yeah plenty” So we cadged a lift to the Fullbrook. Turned out it wasn’t a minibus it was a transit van. I’m not quite sure how so many people fit in the back of a transit van but it was an uncomfortable journey to say the least. A hot day which made it worse.

All the way there may Dad kept saying “All we need to do is keep a clean sheet and we’re up” I kept thinking, yeah alright Dad. Turns out he knew what he was talking about!

After a few beers in the pub after the match, thankfully we got a lift back with someone with space in a car!

Happy memories.


Try this site:

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Loudest boos at a walsall game?
Most swore at walsall player?
Player with the sexiest legs ( for my wife)?

Sobering to note how many of those sides we battled with over the years have really fallen on hard times since: most of them if truth be told. Bury, Barnet, Chesterfield to name but three. In fact half the teams in the National League and a good sprinkling in the league’s below are our former “friends” from the old Second, Third and Fourth Divisions (to use their proper names).

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You’re right which is why we shouldn’t get too bitter about Wrexham. Their fans been in the doldrums for a while. A club much like our own, a hardcore of supporters just like us now on a very upward trajectory.

It would have been far worse if the Hollywood “fairytale” had say chosen to immerse itself in a level 8 or 9 club with barely a hundred fans and had it taken the place of one of those traditional clubs with over a century at the heart of its community. It’s why Gary Neville’s hypocrisy is hard to get over and why clubs like Salford and Forest Green Rovers are hard to accept as bone fide league clubs.

We’re at a point where it is a travesty that there are loads of non league occasions that are far grander than many league occasions.

The pyramid is great and I’m all for Davids slaying Goliaths. Of course I am - I am Walsall fan. But it only works if David does it with a sling and rock rather than a multi millionaire supplying him with a machine gun as part of a personal “project”.


The word ‘fairytale ‘ should be banned from certain match reports…


i dunno - some of ours recently have been rather Grimm …

Still waiting for our ‘happily ever after’…

Add Milton Keynes to that list (I won’t use the ‘Dons’ suffix that they stole).


If it’s a Happy Ending you want, is the Georgian Rooms still open in West Brom? :wink:

In fact, the David/Goliath story is not as it seems. In those days, a crack slingshot was just about the most potent force in the army. A lumbering giant like Goliath would have been easy pickings for the slick David. The bookies of the time would have had the boy as a firm favourite.