Walsall Supporters’ Association - An Announcement


Sad to hear this.
Thanks for all your efforts. :+1:


Even though I am not minded to be a member of any of the various supporters groups, I think this is a bit bitter sweet.

It’s good that we’re down to 2 groups rather than 3 (or 4 if you count the old Supporters Club), but the WSA always seemed to be the more reasonable of the 3 in terms of representing fans and not being at war with the other groups (or even the supporters they are supposed to be representing in some instances). Not knocking the others for all the good stuff they do (and there has been some very good stuff from both), but they do seem more personality led than the WSA ever was so it was good to have a “voice of reason” involved.

I take it that as the WSA activists don’t have the time to do all they stuff they used to, that means there’s no chance of them becoming leading lights in one or both or the remaining 2 groups and enriching them with the qualities that you have demonstrated over the last few years?


Bit perplexed about the representation part.
Surely it’s up to the supporters group who they wish to represent them at a meeting, not for the club to veto when it sees fit. :thinking:

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I’d agree. I don’t know whether Rob will, or can elaborate on here.

Doesn’t bother me one bit to post it here.

When I posted the newspaper article about Brian Dutton, I received an email from, guess who, the SLO, with a letter attached that was signed by Gamble to inform me that essentially due to posting that, the chairman didn’t want me to attend further WPM’s as it was uncalled for and there had been complaints.

Whether people like it or not, it was a newspaper article that was out there in the free press, and I made no unsubstantiated comments.


Thanks for the explanation.

It was harsh, but it was also public domain, and anyone could have looked it up any time if they were so inclined.

Three supporters groups is maybe one too many, but the duopoly of ISSA and Trust isn’t the best outcome. Trust too insular to comment and ISSA too entrenched to reach out.

At least ISSA are attending WPMs for real again.


Complaints? By the club about a piece published first in the E & S? Jeez, how sensitive are they?

God knows how they’d have reacted to the fans ‘complaints’ last season if we had been allowed in!

It was a very old article from a non-local paper.

Club claimed to have received a complaint or complaints about it.

I am genuinely sorry to read this. It is very easy for people to put in complaints against a group of people who are out there trying to make a difference. I don’t know all of you personally but I thought you did some great work, not forgetting some great efforts to raise money for the club in really difficult times.


The club take one step forward and three back

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I thought the posting of the article was distasteful but you were entitled to do it and there is no way you should be barred from anything because you posted it. I little thought Walsall FC would join in the current malaise of cancelling folk simply because one or two people complained.


Personally, I wouldn’t have created the post in question, but as others have said the article was already in the public domain, and the article made it clear that there was no substance to the charges.
I’m disappointed with the Clubs response. As far as I know I’ve never met Rob, but he’s clearly a Saddler through and through, and his countless charity ventures show that he’s a decent guy.
Had the Club just voiced their disapproval privately to him, I’m sure Rob would have accepted this and the whole matter would have been buried once and for all.
Instead, by making this over the top, wokeist reaction the topic is back in the debating zone.


My piss is boiling over this. I’m sure Rob realises that he made an error of judgment in posting that link, but that’s really all it was.

The reaction of Pomlett and Gamble is ridiculous. They seem happy to endorse the more nationalistic and divisive merchandise of ISSA, despite complaints, yet take a stance with Rob that is completely over the top.

I will be writing to the club to express my disdain. My regard for both of them has taken a nosedive. :confused:


To be fair Brian was at the time the best up and coming manager in the country and Leigh had hoped to adopt him at some stage


Is that the SLO who used to work for Bonser and was Gambles mentor by any chance? shocking after the effort you guys put in.


They will never learn, it stinks of the bonzo years when fans where banned for protests, i thought his dinosaur draconian ideas left with him? oh hold on a bit though :thinking:


I wonder what would have happened had Rob not posted on here with his own name, but rather with a nom de plume like many of us do?
Do you think the Club would have approached UTS to find the posters’ true identity?
Or was he just unlucky that he uses his real name?

Nah, it’s just that we’ve got a CEO who thinks he’s more important than he is, if only he was so quick to amend his own disastrous involvement in the running of our club and ban himself permanently, oh and add ihis other useless mate Mole.